why is solar battery backup on our solar network?

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Solar battery backup that connects to our solar grid serves a better function. People most time get confused about the need or reason for solar battery backup to their solar grid. But this particular post will detail the reasons behind solar battery backup and suggest to us if we need it or not.

let’s say about 95% of the solar installation are backup with solar batteries while the rest are not backup. In our solar system, our solar modules provide us with energy so far as the sun is shining. But the question is, what happens to our solar system grid during the night when there is no sun reaching the solar panels. This post will answer the question and give a solution to it as we go further.

What does solar battery backup mean

Solar battery backup is a means that we can use to save and store energy coming from the panels for future use. With solar battery backup, we can use power without solar energy. During the night when there is no more energy from the sun, it can only be possible to use power if the system is back up with solar batteries.

So with the system backup, we are assured of uninterrupted power usage. That alone makes us enjoy the grid to the fullest.

What is the work of solar battery backup on solar system networks?

Why is solar battery back up on our solar network

The main reason for solar battery backup on our solar system network is to store energy. So that during the night the solar batteries start to supply energy. And this makes it possible for us to have steady power at all times. And with the solar batteries, it also helps to stabilize our inverter output power.

Can I run my solar energy without a battery backup?

Yea, this is possible so far there are enough solar panels, you can run your solar energy without batteries. But in that case, you will only make use of the system during the day, when the sun is sparkling. A water borehole that uses solar energy to pump its water doesn’t normally use solar batteries. It generates energy from the solar panel, without storing them, and starts pumping water to the overhead tank. That is why it doesn’t pump water during the night.

Even without the inverter, you can still use the solar panels to generate energy for consumption but will be on DC voltage. If your lighting point is run on DC bulbs, you can equally make use of them without buying an inverter.

How to install a solar system at home or offices.

Is the solar battery backup worth the cost?

No doubt that the cost of the Tesla power wall, Eguana LFP, and LG chem RESU is much more expensive than the cost to purchase a diesel generator. But is it worth purchasing them or buying a fuel generator as backup?

It is worth it after considering the cost of running a diesel generator and the pollution that comes from it. But with solar battery backup, we can achieve a safe and calm environment during operations.

Benefits of solar backup with batteries.

The following are some of the benefits of choosing batteries as the means of backup to our solar installation networks.

Protecting our homes against power outages.

With a solar battery backup system, our home is granted steady electricity. In times of emergency or maintenance of our grid, Energy in the batteries can be serving the home till the power is restored.

Even when the weather is too cloudy that the energy the panels are producing is not enough, the ones stored on the batteries can be serving the home. With a good battery backup our home lacks no power.

Availability of electricity all through the night.

This is the most important of all. Having electricity during the night when solar panels are no longer generating power. The battery backup makes it possible by storing in charges when panels are producing excess power during the day and the system switching to the battery power during the night. By so doing maintaining steady power.

Imagine without backing our traffic light up with a solar battery to power it during the night. It would have been only functional during the day alone. But because we still need its services during the night, it then has to be back up with batteries.

Good management of solar power.

when we back up our solar panels with batteries, it makes us conscious of how we consume power. This is to enable us not to drain the whole energy on the battery at a time. So it makes us know the capacity of our backup system and how long it can carry our loads. it equally serves us during the night or during power outages.


Backing up our system with solar batteries can be expensive, but it is worth the money. With a steady power supply and calm environment a grantee.

my advice to a homeowner who wishes to back his system up with solar batteries is to make sure the batteries are charged well.

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