What is an inverter generator? ( ultimate guide on choosing one).

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Are this your first time hearing the word, inverter generator? You might have come across people talking about the inverter generators. What is an inverter generator and what makes it special to a normal generator we are more familiar with? Many people are confused about the difference between a normal inverter/ generator and an inverter generator. But all you need to know concerning these inverters is well discussed in this article.

What is an inverter generator

An Inverter generator is a device that inverts AC electricity to provide us with cleaner and pulse-free power to run our sensitive electronic appliances. This generator is more efficient, quiet, and ripple pulse-free. Keep on reading to find out more about the inverter generator.

How does an inverter generator work?

Inverter generator works by generating an AC current and inverting It to DC current, which will later be convert back to AC current again. You might be wondering, what the excess of converting from AC to DC and from DC back to AC again. The reason is because when the generator generate the AC current, the current contain many dirty powers, full of voltage spikes that can damage our sensitive electronic appliance. So passing the current through rectification and converting it back to AC eliminates those ripple flauntation and make the current clean and more ideal for our electronic appliances like computer and smartphone.

What are the differences between generator and inverter generator

The major difference between a generator and an inverter generator is the ability of the inverter generator to generate refined AC voltage without spikes. But aside from that we will be discussing other benefits of inverter generator to generators. We shall be looking at the efficiency, output, noise of the two different generator and comparing the two.

Fuel Efficiency of the inverter generators.

Yes, is true that both generators run on fuel but which of them is more economical than the others in terms of fuel consumption when running a generator. The inverter generator consumes less fuel than the traditional generator reasons because it has the feature of adjusting its speed to meet up with the connected load on them. What we mean here is that when using only a laptop charger on the inverter generator, the engine adjusts itself to produce only the needed current for powering the charger and when additional load is added, it will ramp up the current to meet up with the additional load. And as the speed of the generator increases it consumes more diesel.

In term of the traditional generators, this is completely opposite. The generator only runs on constants speed, irrespective of the connected load on it. And so doing, the fuel it consume to run a small load will still be the same as the fuel to run a higher load.

Outputs of the generators.

Another things to consider is the output power produce by the two generator. Inverter generator output is very less compare to the traditional generator. The inverter is specifically made for powering up few sensitive electrical appliances and for recreational activities like camping and picnicking’s.

The highest output of the inverter generator, should be around 7.5KW while the traditional generator can generates much power of 17KW and upwards.

So because of that, the inverter generator is not always applicable in all places. Especially when you are having lots of load to power on at the same time.

Noise level of the generators.

Inverter generators are designed to be more smart and environmental friendly than the traditional generators. During operation of the inverter generator only a moderated noise are held. The issue of extending the cable of the generator far from the building because of noise is not for the inverter generator. Even when the inverter generator is few meters away you hardly notice it noise. The inverter is best for camping as it won’t disturb your rest or sleep like normal generators do.

Parallel capability of the generators.

When the power of the load is greater than the rating of the inverter generator, two inverter generators can be connected in parallel to boost their power to be able to carry the whole load. Is true most of the inverter generator comes in smaller watts rating but with the combination of two of the generator together you will achieve a ×2 of the ratings. And this will make it possible for you to run other high AC power with the inverter.

How to choose the right size of inverter generator to suit you.

Just like the traditional generator which is rated in wattage, the same thing goes with the inverter generator. So for you to make the right choice of size to go for, you need to answer these questions. What are you trying to use the inverter generator to achieve? What is the nature of the load you need to run on the inverter? (Ratings).

The answers to the two questions will help you a long way in figuring out the size of the inverter to go for.

If you are planning to use the inverter generator as a full power backup for your home, I think is not the right choice. Instead, I advise you to consider going for portable or standby generators. The inverter generator is for powering a few appliances and that is why is best for those going camping or recreational activities.

Secondly when you check the power(watts) of your appliance and add up the total loads, then compare the rating with the rating of the generator you wish to purchase. When the load is like 20% lower than the generator ratings. The generator can be a right choice for you

How to use an inverter generator.

The inverter generator can be used by connecting through an extension cord and plunging your appliances through the extension. It can also be used the same way we use our traditional generator by connecting through a manual transfer switch. There is no difference between how we hook up traditional generators and inverter generators. Just that most time people prefer to use an extension to connect with the inverter to their appliances, as it is designed to power up only a few appliances.

Can inverter generator use indoor?

Not at all. The inverter generator is not an inverter that usually run indoor. It is just like other a generator that burns out carbon to operate, so is not design to run indoor.

Is the inverter generator worth it to buy?

If you are the type that always goes camping, hosting mini-party and enjoying the environment with little noise pollution. Purchasing an inverter generator is worth it. But when you desire to have a generator that can run the whole building with lots Of appliances, then go for a portable generator or standby generator instead of an inverter generator.

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