TL072 IC Pinout, Features, Applications with other useful information.

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Tl072 is a dual-operation amplifier IC with many specifications and features. Just like other operational amplifiers, TL072 is used in amplifying weak signals. In this article, we will talk about the features of this audio IC and its applications in electronic projects.

TL072 IC pinout

Tl072 Features / Technical Specifications.

The tl072 IC has the following features;

  • Low current consumption.
  • Very low operational noise and low distortion circuitry.
  • Short circuit protection at the output.
  • Dural operational amplifier in single package.
  • It has a low distortion harmonic (0.003%)
  • JFET input.
  • Fast slew rate
  • wide operational voltage
  • Quiescents current is only 1.4mA.
  • 10mA output current.
  • It has a high impedance.
  • it has a wide range of operational voltage that ranges from 6V to 36V.
  • O/P short circuit duration if infinite.
  • Mount style is through hole.
  • It has a bandwidth of 3MHz.
  • It has a moisture-sensitive level of 1.
  • Output current of 40mA for each channel.
  • Operational temperature ranges from -40 to 150 °C.

TL072 Description.

TL072 is an operational amplifier IC with 8 pins. The internal circuitry of this IC consists of two OP amps that can be operated with a single or single supply. There are other versions of this ic that have single and quad OP amps, they TL071 and TL074 respectively.

At the input stage of the TL072 is the JFET transistor to ensure lower noise. The input bias and offset current of this IC are low. So because it has low noise and low harmonic distortion, the ic is used in a place where high accuracy is required like audio pre-amplification.

Application of TL072 IC on a circuit as an audio preamplifier.

The circuit below is an audio preamplifier circuit using one section of Op-amp in TL072 IC. As you can see from the circuit, other components like resistors and capacitors are used to achieve the results. The input voltage to the circuit is 9V DC.

Audio preamplifier circuit using TL072 IC

Applications of TL072 IC.

The TL072 is a popular operational amplifier (op-amp) integrated circuit (IC) that is commonly used in various electronic applications. Here are some of its common applications.

  1. Audio Amplifiers: The TL072 is frequently used in audio amplifiers due to its low noise and high gain characteristics. It can be used to amplify weak audio signals from sources such as microphones, musical instruments, or line-level inputs, to a level suitable for driving speakers or headphones.
  2. Active Filters: The TL072 is well-suited for designing active filters, including low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, and notch filters. Active filters use op-amps to provide amplification and precise frequency response shaping, making them useful in audio processing, telecommunications, and instrumentation applications.
  3. Instrumentation Amplifiers: The TL072 is often employed in precision instrumentation amplifiers, which are used in measurement and sensor circuits. Instrumentation amplifiers provide high input impedance, low noise, and high common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR), making them ideal for amplifying small differential signals in the presence of common-mode noise.
  4. Oscillators: The TL072 can be used to design various oscillators, such as audio oscillators, function generators, and waveform generators. These circuits generate periodic waveforms of specific frequencies and are commonly used in applications such as audio synthesis, signal generation, and frequency modulation.
  5. Voltage Comparators: The TL072 can function as a voltage comparator, comparing two input voltages and providing a corresponding digital output depending on the comparison result. Voltage comparators find applications in voltage monitoring, threshold detection, and control systems.
  6. Signal Conditioning: The TL072 can be used for signal conditioning tasks, which involve modifying or conditioning signals before further processing or transmission. Signal conditioning circuits may involve amplification, filtering, impedance matching, or level shifting, and the TL072 can perform these tasks effectively.
  7. Analog Signal Processing: The TL072 is utilized in various analog signal processing applications, including signal mixing, summing amplifiers, voltage scaling, and offset adjustment. These applications can be found in audio and video equipment, communication systems, and measurement instruments.
  8. Voltage Regulators: The TL072 can be used as a voltage regulator in certain low-power applications. By employing negative feedback, the op-amp can help stabilize and regulate the output voltage, compensating for changes in the input voltage or load conditions.

It’s important to note that while the TL072 is a versatile op-amp, there are many other op-amps available with different specifications and features. The choice of op-amp depends on the specific requirements and performance criteria of the given application.

Replacement or Equivalent of TL072 IC.

The equivalent IC that can be used in replace of TL072 is the single and quad versions of the IC which are TL071 or TL074. Although there were other replacements for the IC but doesn’t function exactly as TL072 in some cases. So you need to experiment with them to know exactly the one that fits in for your replacement. The equivalent ICs are Ne552, TL1971, and LM358.


copy and paste the URL below to download the datasheet of the TL072 IC.

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