How to choose solar panels for our home.

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solar panels are photovoltaic cells that trap in the sun and convert them to electric charges for our uninterrupted power supply. When choosing solar panels for our home, This is one of the most important components of our electrical solar system. Especially those using only solar energy as their source of energy only. Choosing appropriately the suitable panels for your home, makes you enjoy your power and save your solar grids from damage.

choosing Solar panels that best suit our home makes the energy efficiency to be high and sever our home with more energy.

Knowing the types of solar panels and the weather conditions of our environment are the most important thing to consider when buying solar panels. solar modules exist in different forms, to suit our weather conditions. As the weather conditions in places differ, so is the solar panel modules differ. So if you work as an installer to study the weather conditions of the place you need to install panels and choose the one to suit the weather.

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Factors to consider when choosing solar panels for our home.

The cost of solar panels.

This is always the first thing that always cut across our mind each time we think of choosing the solar panels for our installation. Is part of the planing for the installation work as it help us budget according to our pocket for the particular one to go for.

checking price in online store here is the best option as it gave you the view of what the price will be like on the local stores around you.

When considering the price, you should note that some lower prices may seem less efficient and the quality.

The quality of the solar panels.

This is how the solar panel to install are manufactured. The qualities they exhibit make them suite for our home installation work. The quality of good panels always has a higher price on the market. The price and the quality always go together.

Quality solar panels produce good kilo-watts of power even with less sunlight.

When choosing the solar panels to use for your installation, always make research different types of solar panels. Because there are many companies out there that are into the production of panels. Check their consumer reviews and see how their products are serving their customer.

Energy Efficiency of the panel.

This is how the sunlight that gets to the panels is converted to electrical energy in kilowatts. High-efficient solar panels convert sunlight to higher kilowatts of electricity. High-efficient solar panels make the space to install them small and still generate good amount of energy.

People with limited space to install their solar panels at always advise to go for highly efficient solar panels.

Access the energy you need and go for the quality solar panels that will supply you with that energy.

The weather/temperature condition of the area to install the panels.

the weather conditions of the place where the solar panels will be installed should be studied and surveyed. You are to determine if the weather is normally sunny or cloudy most time. Some weather conditions in some places seem to be the same as desert weather. Whereas some are always cloudy and rainy. Some are a combination of the two. Some places like northern California which have higher temperatures should have different panels from places with lower sunlight.

So when choosing the solar panels to install, always study the daily peak sunlight of your area. That will help you discover the type and number of solar panels to give you exactly the power you may need.

The amount of battery power bank the system is having.

Yes, the amount of solar power should always be put into consideration when planning the installation. When the solar gride are having much power and battery bank. we always need a solar panel with high efficiency to supply the batteries with high-quality charge, to make the battery healthy and sound. When a solar battery receives a normal charge from Solar panels, the battery lasts more than when it does not receive a good amount of charges. Most people having a failed solar system are being caused by undercharging or overcharging.

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Types of solar panels used for installation.

It also beneficial if you know the different type of solar panels and their advantage over another. Knowing well about that helps you choose the right one to use for your installation. Below are the different types of solar panels one can use for their installation.

Monocrystalline solar panel.

How to choose solar panels for installation
Monocrystalline solar panel

this type of solar panel is more demanding and more efficiently compared to others. This type of panel has 17% to 22% efficiency. And also have a high capacity power rating of at least 320watts.

Inside this panel are small solar rectangular solar cells arrange together and sealed with transparent glass.

this type of panel is always used in a place that experiences a rainy season most time. Because of it efficiently to charge with a little sunlight. But more costly than all other solar panels.

Polycrystalline solar panels.

Choosing Polycrystalline solar panels for installation
Polycrystalline solar panel.

This is the second-best following the monocrystalline. It installs in place with hash sunny weather. Unlike the monocrystalline which could be installed in a place with both rainy and sunny climates. The efficiency of this panel range from 15% to 17%. They are cheaper compare to the monocrystalline. Is advisable to go for this polycrystalline when installing them near the dessert or in very sunny environments.

thin-film solar panels.

thin-film solar panel.

These are the less demanding ones. Having efficiency ranging from 13% to 15%. Due to their low efficiency, they are not always used for installations in homes. And that is what makes them not being common and familiar to us. They are used in a large quantity in other to achieve the desired power because of their low efficiency. They are less in cost of purchasing comparing with others.

So conclusively, all these stated factors should be draft and taken care of, in other to make our solar system serve us well to our satisfaction.

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