The cost of solar panel installation in Nigeria (2023).

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with the inability of the Nigerian government to grant the country a steady power supply. Most individuals are now seeking an alternative to the national electricity supply. The question of how much the cost of installing solar panel always arise. Most people feel is too expensive for them while some are after a good installer who can handle the work well and neatly. But when considering the cost of paying electricity bills and comparing it with installing solar panels, then you see the solar system is far better. The solar system grantee us of steady power supply without noise or environmental pollution.

How much does it cost to get solar panels installed?

In Nigeria, the cost of solar panel installation price does not have a fixed price. It is based on negotiations with the client and the installer. But we can give the range in which the price will be within.

Cost of solar panel installation in Nigeria
Solar panel installation in Nigeria.

There are certain things that we normally considered while giving quotation on panels installation. Which are as follows.

  • The types of solar panels to be installed. The panels are of different types ranging from monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels. As the panels are different so is the price differs. Tips to consider while choosing solar panels for installation.
  • The ratings of the panels to use for the installation. The panels are rated in Volt and wattage. And the higher the rating the higher the price of the panels.
  • The type of house roof to install the panels. Yes as you know the houses we build are of different structures and heights. Some are having bungalows, duplexes, and many stories buildings, so the risk of installing panels on the stories building is not the same as bungalows.

The cost of mono crystalline solar panels in Nigeria.

the price of monocrystalline panels is stated and classified base on their ratings as the year 2022. The price is not fixed because monocrystalline panels are produced by many companies and their sell rate are different but not much. While the cost of the solar panel installation is not the same

Solar panels
rating (V)
Price range
12V solar panel80W10,000-15,000
12V solar panel100W20,000- 25,000
12V solar panel150W30,000- 35,000
12V solar panel200W40,000-50,000
12V solar panel250W55,000-60,000
24V solar panel300W60,000-67,000
24V solar panel350W70,000-75,000
The table of the price range of monocrystalline solar panel

Cost of polycrystalline solar panels in Nigeria.

below are the price lists of polycrystalline solar panels sells price in Nigeria for the year 2022. Many companies manufacture this type of panel, so the given price and the cost of installation are not fixed instead, are given from a range.

solar panel
price range
12V solar panel80W7,000-10,000
12V solar panel100W20,000-24,000
12V solar panel150W28,000-30,000
12V solar panel200W35,000-40,000
12V solar panel250W45,000-50,000
24V solar panel300W55,000-60,000
24V solar Panel350W65,000-70,000
the table of price range of polycrystalline panels

In Nigeria, the cost of solar panel installation ranges from N5,000 to N100,000. Depending on the mentioned factors above.

Cost of installing 1KVA, 12V solar panel, and inverter in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, installing a 1KVA solar inverter will cost you some thousands of Naira. But before we dive into the actual cost of the installation, is important for us to know how a 1KVA solar inverter system will sustain us. Is from the number of loads we are having and the future demand of loads will determine the amount of KVA inverter system to go for.

To install a 1KVA solar inverter, below are the minimum material and there cost we will be needing for the installation works.

Estimation tables for 1KVA soler system

quantitiesmaterialsprice per uniteSum price
11KVA, 12V solar inverter.60,00060,000
212V, 200 watts solar panels.35,00070,000
120amps charge controller.30,00030,000
1200AH, 12V solar battery.120,000120,000
Grand total === ===289,000
1kva estimate table

The following estimation is the least materials we can use for the installation. Materials like solar batteries and solar panels can be added to it for backup during the night, and fast charging during the day. And let’s still have in mind that when we are adding more panels and batteries, the charge controller should always rate accordingly.

The above 1KVA estimation can power 800 watts of loads but how long it can last will then depend on the solar panels and backup batteries. With the one 200AH solar battery from my estimation, the system can carry 800watts of loads for 3hours only. So if we want it to last longer, then another solar battery will be added for backup.

The estimated cost of 3kVA, 24V solar panel, and inverter installation.

The cost of this solar installation is tabulated in the table below. The least cost of materials that can get the system installed in Nigeria is what I used for the estimation.

quantitiesmaterialsprice per unitsum price
13KVA, 24V solar inverter.150,000150,000
424V, 300watts solar panels.60,000240,000
160amps charge controller.40,00040,000
2200AH, 12V solar batteries.120,000240,000
total ==== ====670,000
3kva solar system estimation.

The 3KVA inverter system when converted to KW is 7200KW. And with the two batteries which will be connected in series to give 24V, 200AH will carry 800watts of loads for 9hours. More panels and batteries can as well be added for backups. But as for this system, it is a 24V inverter. When adding more batteries, two numbers of 12V batteries connected in series are connected in parallel with the existing ones.

Note: the given amount of the materials can be changed in the market depending on the market demands. And the installation price has no fixed price, but what is negotiated between the installer and the clients. 
And the above estimations, the length of wires to be used for the installation are not stated as the nature of the work will determine the length of cable to use.


The mentioned price of some of the materials stated above can change because of different brands of products in the market. But the price change will not be much as the price above. And the cost of installation is based on the nature of the work and what the installer negotiated with the installer.

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