S8050 Transistor pinout, datasheet, Uses and Applications.

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This post gives you a detailed explanation concerning the S8050 transistors, the pinout, the equivalent, and the application. Keep reading to get the full gist of the transistor including its datasheet.

S8050 transistor pinout, features, and specifications

Features & Technical Specifications of the S8050 Transistor.

Package TypeTO- 92
Transistor TypeNPN
Max. Collector Current (Ic)700mA
Max. Collector-Emitter Voltage (Vce)25V
Max. Collector-Base Voltage (Vcb)40V
Max. Emitter- Base Voltage (Veb)6V
Max. Collector dissipation (Pc)1Watts
Max. Transition frequency (fT)100MHz
Mini. & Max. Current Gain (hfe)40 to 400
Mini. & Max. Storage and Operation Temperature-55 to +150 centigrade

PNP Complementary of S8030


S8050 Replacement & Equivalent.

2N5551, SS9014, and SS9013 are equivalent transistors for S8050. Any one of them can be used to replace each other.

Description & Explanation Of S8050 Transistor.

S8050 is an NPN transistor that comes in the TO-92 package. To bias the transistor, a base current is applied to the base pin of the transistor, this base current is what triggers the transistor to make the collector-emitter pin be in the closed state (ON). The transistor has a gain current that ranges from a minimum of 40 to a maximum of 400. The gain current of a transistor is what determines its amplification capacity. The higher the gain current is the more amplification capacity the transistor has. The maximum collector-emitter current is 700mA or 0.7A. therefore the maximum load to drive when using S8050 transistor shouldn’t drive loads that consume a current above 0.7A. When biasing the S8050 transistor, the base current should be limited to 5mA.

At the saturation Region, i.e. when the transistor is fully biased and a maximum current of 700mA flows through the collector and emitter. The voltage across the Collector-Emitter or Collector-Base is around 20V and 30V respectively. To make the transistor become OFF after biasing, reduce the base current to 0V and the Cutoff region of the transistor attained.

Where to use S8050 Transistor & how to use it.

The transistor can be used in switching electronic circuits. It can also serve as a general-purpose transistor used for small and general transistor applications. The transistor can be used to switch a load with a maximum current of 1500mA. So relays, LEDs, and DC motors below 1500mA can use S8050 and their switching transistors.

Application of S8050 transistor.

  • switching of small loads
  • Amplification of low gain signal.
  • Push pull Amplifier
  • Class B amplifier.

How to safely operate the S8050 transistor.

To safely operate the transistor, always adhere to the following instructions.

  • Do not operate the transistor under a voltage greater than 25V.
  • Do not use the transistor to drive a load that drive a current greater than 1500mA or 1.5A.
  • Maintain the storage or operation temperature of the transistor. It should be operated or stored at a temperature within -55 to +150 centigrade.
  • Always use a suitable base resistor to limit the gate current of the transistor.

S8050 Datasheet

In the transistor datasheet, you can find some other features and specifications of the S8050.

Copy and paste the link below to your browser and download the S8050 transistor dataset.


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