PN2222 Transistor Pinout, Equivalent, Features, datasheet, and other info.

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PN2222 is a general-purpose NPN transistor. In this article, we will discuss the transistor pinout, equivalent features, and application of the pn2222 transistor with many other information.

PN2222 transistor pinout

Features/technical specifications

Package typeTO-92
Transistor typeNPN
Max. Collector Current(Ic)600mA
Max. collector – Emitter Voltage30A
Max. Collector – Base Voltage60V
Max. Emitter – Base Voltage5V
Max. Collector – Dissipation625 miliwatts
Max. transition frequency250MHz
max. And Mini DC Current Gain30 to 300
Max storage, Operating & junction temperature range.-55 to 150 centigrade.
PN2222 specifications table

PNP Complementary

PN2222 PNP complements is PN2907

Replacement and Equivalent of PN2222.

PN2222A, 2N2222, 2N2222A, S8050, BC337, BC338, 2N5551, 2N4032, 2N1711A, 2N3107, 2N3019.

About PN2222 Transistor.

PN2222 is a bipolar junction (BJT) NPN transistor available in the TO-92 package. Is a very popular and general-purpose transistor that can be used in switching and amplification of signals. The transistor is well packed with good spec in its TO -92 package and is very cheap making it the preferable choice when building projects.

The maximum collector current of the transistor is 600mA which makes it stand out from other TO – 92 packed transistors. Other specifications of these transistors are the Max Collector to emitter voltage which is 30V, transition frequency of 250MHz, Mini and Max DC gain of 30 – 300, and Max collector dissipation of 625miliwatt.

The transistor can also be used for switching and amplification purposes. It can drive a load of 600mA when used as a switch, which is enough to drive many loads in electronic circuits such as multiple high power LED, high current relays, motor drivers, high power transistors etc.

2N2222 vs PN2222

Even due 2N2222(metal case) is not an exact match of PN2222. It can still be used in place of PN2222. Both 2N2222 and PN2222 can be used interchangeably with little advantage over using the metal case. 2N2222 has a higher operating temperature and higher collector-to-emitter voltage. Go for the 2N2222 metal case when the operating temperature is up to 800mA. But if the operating temperature and voltage requirement are lower PN2222 can still be a good choice.

where to make use of 2N2222 and how to use it.

2N2222 is designed for general-purpose uses, because of that it can be used in general applications circuits and replacement of other general-purpose transistors.

It can also be used to drive loads that fall within 600mA and amplification of signals. With high transition frequency, it also be used in RF circuits.

How to make use of these transistors is the same procedure for other BJT Transistors.

Application of PN2222 transistors.

  • Used in switching circuits
  • can be used for amplification of electronic signals.
  • As an Audio Amplification
  • Audio preamplifier

Safe Operating Guideline of PN2222 Transistor.

For the safe operation of this transistor to achieve premium results, adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Don’t run the transistor to it absolute maximum ratings. 20% below it maximum rating should be ok.
  • The max collector current is 600mA, so don’t use it to drive a load above 480mA ratings.
  • Max collector to emitter current or biasing voltage should be below 24V.
  • Operate the transistor in temperatures between -55°C to 150°C. Outside this temperature range can damage the transistor.

Datasheet of PN2222 Transistor.

copy and paste the link below to your browser to download the datasheet of PN2222 transistor

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