MPSA05 Transistor Pinout, Equivalent, Features, datasheet, and more.

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Everything you need to know concerning the MPSA05 transistor Is well explained in this article. Its pinout configuration, features, datasheet of the transistor, and even its replacements.

MPSA05 transistor pinout

Features and technical specifications of MPSA05.

Package typeTO-92 and others
Transistor typeNPN
Maximum Collector current (Ic)500mA
Max. Collector Emitter Voltage60V
Max. Collector Base Voltage60V
Max. Emitter Base Voltage5V
Max. Collector dissipation (Pc)625mW
Max. Transition Frequency (Ft100MHz
Max. & Mini. DC Current Gain100
Storage & Operation Temperature range-55°C  – +150°C

PNP Complementary.

The PNP complementary of MPSA05 is MPSA55.

Replacement & Equivalent of MPSA05

MPSA06, BC538, BC538-10, BC538-16, BC538-25, 2N5551, BC537, 2N5833, 2N5550, 2N5831, 2N5832, 2N5833, 2N5550, 2N5831, 2N5832, 2SC2036, 2SC4145, BDB01D, 2N5830, 2N2405, MPSL01, 2N7051, 2SC4145, MPSA28, MPSA29, 

MPSA05 NPN Transistor Explained.

MPSA05 transistor is a NPN BJT that is use in switching or amplification of circuits or signal. It is a general purpose electronic transistor that has a wide range of application. This transistor have it replacement with some of the popular transistor like 2N2222, 2N3904, BC334 and many more. MPSA05 has a maximum collector emitter voltage of 60V, this  can be used to drive load up to  60 volts and 500mA load current. The minimum collector emitter saturation voltage is 0.25V, this made it possible to be used in a circuits where low voltage is needed to bias the transistor.

The transistor DC current gain and the collector current makes it good in audio amplifier application.

Where to use MPSA05 & how to use it.

This transistor is for general purpose and can serve in almost all the electronic circuit that is within its ratings. It can also be used to drive a load that is up to 500mA. MPSA05 can be used in switching LED circuits, audio amplifiers, relays, and other electronic circuits.

The transistor has a transitional frequency of 100MHz which makes it suitable to use in RF circuits under 100MHz.

Application of MPSA05 transistor.

  • RF circuits
  • Audio application
  • Controlling of loads within 500mA
  • Communication circuit
  • Dalington pairs
  • Others general purpose

How to safely run MPSA05 in a circuit.

In other to run this transistor safely and make it to serve you well in the circuit without misbehaving or burning out, follow the instructions below ;

  • Don’t run the transistor with it absolute ratings, at least 80% of it actual ratings should be enough. The maximum collector current is 500Mma so when using this transistor to drive a load, the load ratings should be 400mA and below.
  • The maximum collector emitter voltage is 60v, so don’t power the transistor with voltage above 48V. In other to safe run the transistor for longer periods
  • The storage and running temperature of MPSA05 should maintain to range of -55 to +150 degree Celsius.

Datasheet of MPSA05 transistor.

To download the datasheet of this transistors, copy and paste the link below fo your browser to download.

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