How to update apps on Samsung smart tv.

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Updating apps on Samsung tv is the way we can boast apps performance and strengthen the security of our apps. And even enjoying new features of the apps. The apps on our Samsung tv require an update from time to time just like we do update our phone Apps.

Updating samsung tv apps
updating Samsung apps

When the Samsung apps are out of date, we start to notice poor performance and dulling when using the apps.

In other to enjoy your smart tv, you need Internet connections on them all the time and make the apps run on the latest updates. Some of the apps, automatically update its self whereas some demand manual updating them. But it all depends on the tv settings. Whether your smart tv updates manually or automatically, this post is made to guide you update your tv apps. So continue reading to learn how to update and set your tv to automatically update its apps.

Updating Apps on your Samsung tv.

The easy way to get your apps on Samsung tv updated is to set your tv to automatic apps update. This is to enable your Samsung tv to update its apps that are not up to date. So far the tv has Internet connections, it will just update the old versions app to the latest versions. Besides one can still use a manual update to update certain apps on the tv.

Here are ways you can set your Samsung tv to automatically update its apps.

Home button/smart hub >> Apps>>My Apps>> Auto-update.

The first thing to do is to make sure your Samsung smart tv has a good internet connection.

Press the home button or smart hub on your Samsung tv remote. Some tv versions have a home button while some have a smart hub. Press the one on your remote control pointing the remote toward the tv.

Go and select Apps on the menu and select my Apps.

when you select my Apps, you see other options. Move and select Auto-update

Now the Samsung tv is set and ready to automatically update its apps when the newest version is available. You will get notifications sometimes to wait for some seconds before accessing the smart hub when you first ON the tv. As the tv will first update out date apps before you will access it.

In case you want to use your hand to check and manually update your Samsung tv apps this is what you will do.

As you press the smart hub remote button, select My Apps. On the top menu, you will see many options. Select update on the options and a list of Apps that need to be updated will appear. Select the particular one you wish to update or even select all to update them all.

How do I update my Samsung tv?

Yes, in other to have your Samsung tv system functioning well all the time, regular App update and system update should be done frequently. Sometimes it seems to be a challenge to update Samsung apps because the system(Samsung smart tv) needs an OS update.

So follow the steps to get your Samsung OS update and enjoy the benefits of the latest version.

Step to follow to update Samsung smart tv.

when updating the smart tv using it remote select “settings >> support>> software update>> update now”. Follow the steps and select update now to get your Samsung tv update. Make sure the Samsung smart tv is having Internet access.

There will always be the latest versions to update when you select software update. But when it is non, then it means the system is running on the latest version.

Another way we can update the OS of our Samsung tv is to download the software on a flash drive and lunch it on the smart tv.

follow the following procedure to update the Samsung tv with via USB or flash drive.

  • Go to the Samsung support website using your browser.
  • On the search button enter the model number of the Samsung tv and search.
  • Select “Manual” and download the file to your PC.
  • Select the name of your Samsung and model number from the list.
  • Click on download to download the latest version of the software.
  • After downloading, transfer the software file download to an empty flash drive or USB.
  • Plugin the USB flash drive containing the file into the Samsung tv and allow the tv detect the file.
  • select Settings and support from the tv menu.
  • click on software update and select update now.

The process can take a little time, depending on long the system is out of date. The progress bar will showcase on the tv screen showing the progress of the update from 0% to 100%.

Do not short down the tv while the updates are in progress allow it to download and install finish before shutting down.

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