Samsung tv not turn ON when powered ON (how to fix it)

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Imagining the pain and how bad you feel getting ready for a tv show only to find out that your Samsung tv is not turning ON. Whenever you find yourself in a situation like that. There are a series of things to do to make it work again. You don’t need to worry much as most time it doesn’t signify that your Samsung tv is broken. The issue can be resolved with a few clicks.

Continue reading to find out how to fix this issue yourself and start enjoying your tv show. Here we shall talk about how you can troubleshoot and fix a Samsung tv that won’t turn on.

troubleshooting a Samsung tv not turning ON.

The following are things to check and verify before concluding that the television is not working. We start with the remote control, the power plug of the tv, the power source, and the plug fuse.

Checking the remote control batteries and making sure there are still good enough to power the promote. Try to power it from the remote and see if it can turn on.

check the Samsung tv cable to know if it has been cut somewhere. Home rats are good at destroying our electronic cables at home. It could be the reason your Samsung tv is not powering ON. So inspect the cable to make sure is not cut and if cut, join it with fresh cable and tape them with electrical insulation tape.

The fuse on the plug head is another possible cause of the television not turning on. Use a screwdriver to pull the fuse out from the head of the television AC plug, and test for the continuity of the fuse. Change the fuse with the same rating if it has been cut. Plug into the socket outlet and start enjoying your television show again.

Another thing to inspect is to check if there is a power supply to the outlet where the Samsung tv is connected to. A handy-on-tool digital multimeter can be used to check for power on the outlet. Or use a testing lamp to check if there is a voltage on the outlet.

When the problem is not from the above mention factors above, then is time to focus on the standby light. The light communicates many things while your Samsung tv not turning on.

The following are the possible behavior of the standby light and how they can be fixed.

When the standby light is on but the tv is not turning on.

When trying to on the tv with the remote control but television is not coming on, whereas the standby light is on.

In this situation, the problem is likely from the remote control. When the tv is off, the standby light is normally on. Press and hold the power button of the tv set, as it is plugged into the power, hopefully, the tv will power on. So, is now known that the fault is not coming from the Samsung tv, instead is from the remote control. Then go ahead and fix the remote control.

Remove the remote control batteries and reset the remote. How do we do that? Remove the batteries and long-press the power button for about eight seconds. Put the batteries back and try to on the television again with the remote. If after that it still not turning on the tv, then is time to replace the remote batteries with new ones. The batteries may have already run down that it could not power the tv.

When the Samsung tv is on but the standby light is not on.

When the Samsung tv is in use, the standby light goes off. So the only possible reason why the standby light not coming on is either the screen is black that you can not see anything or there is no power supply to the tv.

To know if it is the Samsung tv that is black. Using the remote to press any button aside from the power button. When it displays anything on the screen as you press its remote. Then it means it is the screen that is black. You need to change the channel to the particular cable you connect with. It may be the tv is in the HDMI menu whereas you are making use of AV 1 or AV 2 plugs. What you need to do is to use the tv remote to change it to the particular channel you are using. And the screen starts to display

In a situation where the Samsung tv doesn’t react even after pressing the remote control. What it means is that the fault is from the power source. What to do is unplug the television from the outlet and test to know if possible there is power there. You can test using a testing lamp or digital multimeter to test the voltage from the outlet.

Press and hold the power button on the television for some seconds. Do this when the tv is not connected to an outlet. This is to discharge the residual charge on the tv. After checking the voltage on the outlet and it worked correctly. Discharge the television’s residual power and wait like 30 seconds before plunging it back into the outlets. Then connect back as the issue is likely to be resolved.

when the Samsung tv is on but the screen is black.

When the tv is on but not displays nothing on the screen. This is a result of your video cable. Is either your video cable like HDMI or AV cable depending on the one you are using faulty? Or maybe the tv is on HDMI menu whereas you are using AV or vise visa.

When you have a similar case, try to use the television remote to set your tv video to the right menu. If it persists, then it means the HDMI or AV cable is faulty and needs to replace with a new one.

The standby light keeps on blinking.

When you notice this on your Samsung tv, unplug the television from the outlet and connect it back In 60 seconds later. If it does work out then move to check the socket outlet.

The cause of this can be a result of the tv plug not being firmly plugged in on the outlet or the outlet being loose to grip the tv plug. This can cause the tv Ac plug to be shaken and then fluctuate the voltage powering the television.

Check your tv guide/ surge protector as it can be the cause of the power not being stable to smoothly run the tv.

If it from the outlet, then it will warrant you from repairing the socket outlets.

After trying the following mentioned solutions and the faulty persists, then is time to contact the Samsung support care.


It is likely that your Samsung tv not turn on because of one or two reasons mentioned above. Follow the suggestions given to make your tv work well again. But when the suggestions are not working out, then is time to contact Samsung support care. They can help assist you to repair your Samsung television.

NOTE:Never try to lose your television if you don’t have a strong knowledge of electronic appliance repair. As you may risk electrocuted or total damage of you television.

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