How to screen mirror iPhone to your Samsung tv.

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Do know, with your smart Samsung tv you can screen mirror your iPhone to it. It is so interesting watching movies, and pictures and running your phone apps, viewing them on your smart television. You can enjoy the benefits of mirroring your iPhone on your smart TV to watch and navigate bold and clearer images.

Yeah, with the Samsung smart TV you can download apps and connect to the internet but most time mirroring with your phone seems faster than downloading apps with the tv. No doubt, you enjoy numerous apps on your smart TV but mirroring your iPhone to your tv will make you love Samsung smart tv more. Is one of the best features I enjoy most.

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Mirroring your iPhone to the tv is the same thing as casting your phone display to appear exactly to your television. To achieve this, follow the explained procedure below.

Guide and procedures to mirror iPhone to Samsung TV.

The following will guide and direct you to mirror your phone to the smart Samsung television. So study and follow the guide as it will simplify the ways to mirror our phones to TV.

Check if the smart Samsung tv supports Airplay.

Airplay is the feature the smart Samsung TV need to have before phones can be mirrored to them. Yes, not all Samsung support this feature and that is why you need to first check if yours supports it. You just need to search for the model number and see if is Airplay compatible.

The smart Samsung tv model from 2018 or later is all Airplay compatible. It can screen mirror iPhones to its screen. But when your smart tv is not compatible with AirPlay don’t panic as there are still alternative ways to mirror your phone to your tv.

On the Samsung remote, press the source button to check if the screen mirroring options is available on your television. If it is available thump up to you, but if it is not available, then is clear evidence that your TV doesn’t support phone mirroring using Airplay.

Connect the smart Samsung tv to the WiFi

To screen mirror your phone to the TV, you need a wifi network to connect the TV and the Airplay. These two devices shall be on the same wifi. Airplay can be used to access, your music and audio devices without wifi but you must use wifi when mirroring your phone.

To connect the wifi to help mirror your devices. First thing is to connect your iPhone and Samsung tv to your wifi connection. Press the smart hub button of your remote to make the TV display the smart hub menu where you can select the wife to connect to. Make sure to connect only the iPhone and the Samsung tv on one wifi. Don’t make the mistake of trying to share the wifi with multiple connections of devices. One wifi only for your iPhone and TV is the best.

you have access to set your wifi by clicking on “Setting > Network” with your Samsung remote. Set your smart hub first before setting up your network. Only if you haven’t set them before.

How to screen mirror iPhone to Samsung TV using Airplay 2.

After confirming that your Samsung tv supports Airplay 2 and connects to wifi. Is time to screen mirror your iPhone to your Samsung and enjoy the good features of your smart TV.

Go to the control center of your iPhone and tap on the screen mirroring buttons.

swipe down from the right side of your iPhone to access the control menu. when using an older model iPhone with the home button, swipe from the bottom screen up to access its control menu.

Tap the icon “Mirroring screen” it has a symbol of two overlapping rectangles on the control menu.

How to screen mirror iPhone to Samsung tv
Tap the mirroring screen icon.

As you tap the mirroring screen icon, select your Samsung TV on the available display device.

How to screen mirror iPhone to Samsung tv
Tap on the name of your tv on your iPhone

Passcode display on the Samsung tv, enter the same passcode into the pop-up on iPhone.

How to screen mirror iPhone to Samsung tv
Enter the same passcode displayed on the tv into your phone.

Samsung automatically starts to mirror your iPhone to the television. When playing a video on your iPhone it will be showing on your smart Samsung TV.

How to screen mirror some content within iPhone to Samsung TV.

you may wish not to mirror the whole contents of your phone to your Samsung television, then you can make use of this option. Some major media service already built their apps with the Airplay button directly configured to them. This allows you to mirror only the activities of such apps when using them on your iPhone. Apps like. Amazon prime video, Hulu, and HBO max have the Airplay button on their App. When making use of this type of App on your iPhone, you can screen mirror only the apps alone, leaving other activities on your phone.

Follow the procedure below to learn how you can screen mirror app contents to your iPhone.

After setting up your smart tv and phone, and making sure they are on the same wifi. Open the App you want to screen mirror on your iPhone and select the media to play.

locate the Airplay button on the phone app. This button is a rectangle with a triangle under it. Is located on the top right side of the screen or the left side. Then tap on the Airplay. If it is a photoshop app you are connecting, tap on the “share” buttons and click on “Airplay”.

select the name of your Samsung from the list of available options displayed.

In case the passcode displays on the tv, enter it into the pop-up display on your iPhone .

The Samsung tv will start showing videos or photos running on your iPhone.

How to screen mirror iPhone to Samsung TV using HDMI adapter and lightning digital AV adapter.

Your device may not compatible but if you wish to screen mirror your iPhone to your television, you can use a cable connection to run the task. This cable connection will be involving an HDMI cable and a lighting to HDMI adapter.

The lighting to HDMI adapter is a device that can connect your iPhone to the HDMI cable that connects to your television.

Connect the lighting end of the Lighting AV adapter to your iPhone.

Plug in one end of the HDMI cable to the adapter plug on your phone and the other end to the Samsung HDMI port.

Change the input of the television to the corresponding HDMI channel.

When you start playing your media on your iPhone, it begins to display on the smart tv.

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Changing Airplay settings on your Samsung tv.

Using the tv remote, press Setting and select General.

On the menu select “apple Airplay settling” and chose from the following options.

  • Airplay: from here you can turn the Airplay features ON or OFF.
  • Subtitle and captioning: This option helps you turn on /off subtitles to your media and change the. Size, font, and color of the subtitle.
  • About Airplay: Here you can check the version of your Airplay and more information on the Airplay.
  • Require Code: This is where you can set a code to prevent third parties from accessing the Airplay mirroring. When setting the code, it will require the code before one can mirror his iPhone to the Samsung tv.

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