How to safely maintain solar panels modules.

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Without a doubt, so many people are always after the question of ways to maintain their solar panels. Most of the clients are always so inquisitive to know how they can maintain and handle their panels to make them last longer and work more effectively. Sometimes lack of maintenance and knowledge on how to maintain the panels may reduce their working efficiency.

If you have been searching the Internet for ways to maintain solar panels just bear in mind that this particular post is for you. So I advise you, to make yourself comfortable and relaxed. I will work you through how to maintain the solar modules.

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Before proceeding let me make a comment on solar panels/modules. Solar panels are a photovoltaic cell that traps sunlight and convert them into a direct current (DC)signal. And it is this DC that is being used in keeping our solar batteries charged during the day? The major work of these solar panels is to introduce a charge into the batteries for charging the battery cells

Do solar panels need maintenance and how often should they be maintained?

yes, our solar panels need periodic maintenance to make them function more effectively. Dust and debris always cover the panels during the dry season with no rain to wash the dust out. Whereas the dust prevents the panels from receiving sunlight.

How to know when to carry out periodic maintenance to the solar system.

Each time the solar panel energy decline is a sign that our systems need maintenance. The Kilo-Watts that are being generated by the solar panel should be monitored from time to time. To know when it starts declining in energy production.

Integrating into the solar panel monitoring system will help alerts you of your panels daily energy production. And you can easily notice when the panels start dropping on daily energy generation.

Periodic maintenance will help clean and bring the panel to high-performing efficiency.

How to maintain our solar panels/modules.

The following ways are the thing to do to your solar panels to make them last longer and more efficiently.

  • Keeping the solar system out of shade.

The solar panel should be kept out of the shade to enable it to receive an adequate charge from sunlight. In some homes or the industry, ornamental flowers sometimes grow shade and cover the panels. This affects the panels and makes them less effective. Clearing the shade around the panels goes a long way in helping the panel life span. So is always advisable to make the sun penetrate fully on the panel without leaving any parts.

  • Washing and cleaning of dirt/dust on the panels.

the panels should check for dirt and dust always. The dirt on the panels prevents some sides of the panel from receiving sunlight and this affects the panels. Sometimes, especially during the harmattan season, the panels are always dusty. Because the wind carries dust to the panels and there is no rain to wash the dirt out.

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Ways of washing the dirt/dust out of solar panels/modules.

Knowing the dust on the panels is not healthy for the panels and needs to wash out. Many people normally harm the panels on this process thinking they are doing good to it because of ignorant on how to clean the panels. Some think is just like ordinary glass which can be wash with a sponge and detergents.

To wash the solar panels, these are things to do and not to do while washing the solar panels.

  • Buy solar panel cleaning kits.

The solar cleaning kit which you get from the store or online shopping stores like Amazon. The first thing to do when planing on cleaning solar panels is to buy the cleaning kits. The cleaning kit is materials use in cleaning or washing the panels. Materials like biodegradable soap, wiper, and brush plus a brush with a longer handle. These are the materials to be used for the cleaning and the use of other washing soap or detergents are not safe for the panels.

Mix the soup with a bucket of water and dip the brush inside the water and starts to clean the panel gently. Use soft water or plain water to remove dirt on the panels.

  • Always clean solar panels when they are moist and wet.

When cleaning the panels when is wet, you observe that the dirt struck on them can be easily wipe out. When the panels are wet with plain water and wiper alone can neatly clean the solar panels. So is always advisable to clean when is wet or you can sprinkle water over the panel and make them wet before you start to clean.

You should not use abrasive soap or sponges to clean the solar panels.

The best soap to use for cleaning is biodegradable soap and a soft rag. The use of abrasive soap can crack the glass of the panel and can lead to damage to the panels.

  • Avoid climbing on the solar panels when cleaning

use a long bush to clean. This will help you not to climb on top of the panels. Climbing on top of the solar panels will completely damage the panels as the panels can not withstand the weight of the body.

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