How to Reset E-Bike Battery BMS in a few steps

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Battery Management System (BMS) will revive your E-bike battery performance and make you enjoy a smooth and consistent ride.

How to rest E-bike battery BMS

The work of BMS in an e-bike is to manage and regulate the charge and discharge cycle of the battery for the safer and long-term lasting of the battery. So when the bike is not meeting its expected performance, resetting the BMS might be the solution to improve its performance.

Why not invest in a well-functioning BMS and boost your e-bike performance? In this article, we explain everything you need to know concerning BMS and how you can reset your E-bike battery BMS. So read to the end and understand in detail how to improve performance and longer battery life of E-bike.

Do all the e-bike Batteries have BMS?

Yes, a typical E-bike battery has a Battery Management System(BMS) incorporated into the battery design. It is the work of this BMS to ensure that each cell in the battery park works in accordance to deliver a good performance.

The BMS on the E-Bike serves as a guide the the battery cell, it makes sure each cell charges and discharges accordingly. With well well-functioning BMS, there is nothing like overcharging or total draining down of battery cells.

why do we reset the E-bike Battery BMS?

It is good you know when resetting the e-bike battery BMS will be the best option to revive bike performance. Here are some conditions of the e-bike when you consider resetting the battery BMS.

  • When you notice the battery drop in its performance. Not providing steady power the way it used to.
  • When there is a change or maintenance of the e-bike system. Resetting the BMS is advisable to restore the system performance.
  • when the bike is not in use for a long period or when the battery is stored for a long time without use.

How to Reset E-bike Battery BMS.

There are two ways in which an E-bike battery BMS can be reset. It can either be reset internally or externally. So let’s look at how it be reset internally before going into an external reset.

For the resetting of the e-bike BMS, these are the lists of tools needed

  • wire cutter
  • soldering iron and led
  • Voltmeter/ Multimeter
  • Screwdriver sets.

while materials to use are as follows;

  • DC barrel jack receptacle.
  • Electrical DC cable, black and red preferable.
  • Electrical insulation tape.

After getting the following materials and tools available, is time to follow the step-by-step guide to reset the e-bike BMS.

How to Reset the E-Bike Battery Externally.

Step 01: Connect the wire to the DC receptacle plug.

To do this, create an adapter plug by connecting the DC wire to the adaptable plug. Minding the polarity of the plug. Red stands for (+) Positive while black stands for( – )Negative. Then use a soldering iron to solder the connections making sure that are firm.

Step 02: Testing the adaptable plug.
  • Plugin the battery battery charger.
  • Use the adaptable plug you already made to connect to a battery charger. Make sure the bare wire of the plug does not come In contact.
  • Now use the voltmeter or multimeter to test for voltage across the two wires.
  • When testing make sure to consider the polarity of cables. The red terminal of the multimeter goes to the (+) red terminal of the plug and the black terminal goes to the (-) negative of the plug.

watch the multimeter to observe the readings. When it displays positive values, kudos to you the adapter works. But when the readings are in negative values, then it means the polarity of the adapter and the meter were not placed well while measuring. So interchange it to see positive values.

Step 03:Resetting the bike BMS.

Locate the discharge port of the e-bike battery. Inside the discharge port is a two port label plus and minus sign.

  • Just as we did when testing the adapter. Plug the adapter to the battery charger.
  • When plug the adapter to the charger, you will be left with two wires black and red from the adapter.
  • The two black and red wires from the adapter connected to the battery charger are what is used to reset the BMS.
  • So insert the two wires into the discharge discharge port. The red should go into plus (+) port while the black should go into minus(-)port.
  • Immediately after the wire is connected to the discharge port, the charger will display a red light.
  • Insert and hold the wires for about 15 seconds so that the BMS will be reset.

Now you have finally reset the battery BMS. Test the battery to know if it works correctly. It should work correctly, but if it doesn’t. Then is time to try out the internal resetting.

How to Reset E-Bike Battery BMS internally.

Use the following step-by-step procedure for internal resetting of battery BMS.

Step 1: Opening the Battery Park Enclosure.

Use the screwdriver to loose the screw-nuts holding the top cap enclosure of the battery park. This is to give you access to the inside circuitry where the resetting work is done.

Step 2: Find the BMS Chip of the Battery.

The BMS chip of the battery is located inside the battery case. So you need to lose and slide the battery cell out in other to see the chip. when finding it so difficult to slide out the battery cell, you can try losing the top and bottom caps to give you easy access to the chip.

Step 3: Resetting the BMS.
  • Located the wiring harness on yen BMS chip.
  • detach the harness wire from the BMS board. While doing this be careful not to pull from the wire to avoid destroying the connection.
  • Make sure the charger is powered on, and connect the charging cord to the bike battery.
  • As the charging cable is connected to battery, safely start to fix back the harness wire to yhe BMS.
  • Fix back all the components you removed the way they were before.

Now the battery BMS has finally reset. Test the battery and verify if it working properly.

Tips For Maintaining E-Bike Battery BMS.

#1 Monitor the battery’s state of charge from time to time.

Always check up on the battery status to know when to recharge and when to use the bike. This will prevent you not to fully draining the battery charge. Constantly draining down the battery shortens its life span. So monitor the battery charge level to know when to recharge the battery.

The E-bike battery level indicator shows the level of charge on the battery.

#2 Maintain the Appropriate Temperature of the Battery.

Extremely high and low temperature affects the battery’s health. So always make to use or store the battery at a moderated temperature.

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