How to install and wire an electronic transformer.

an electronic transformer is almost the same working principle as an HVAC transformer even due there are still some little differences that exist between them. But for this particular post is specifically design for an electronic transformer. This is to say, all the terms used on this particular post are referred to as electronic terms.

Step down electronic transformer

A transformer can be said to be a static or stationary electrical device, which converts voltage from one form to another. This device converts voltage or current from one form to another without interfering with the frequency of voltage.

Functions of an electronic transformer.

the transformer performs major rules in electronic engineering. For us to carry out any electronic work or design an electronic device, we always need a lower voltage to work with. Knowing well that most of our electronic device operates on a lower voltage, some time, they are even operated on a DC voltage instead of AC.

This device executes the function of reducing or increasing a given voltage. Sometimes the voltage we are working with may be low more than required. The use of a transformer can be useful in other to step up the voltage to the desired voltage. The same is applicable when the voltage is high but we need a lower voltage. But in that case, we will be stepping down the voltage instead of stepping up.

As far as electronics is the case study, most of the transformer used is mostly step-down transformers.

When the power from the distribution line is step down to a domestic voltage which could be 220-230. Depending on your country’s working voltage. This 220-230V is what we now use in operating our electrical fans, pressing iron, water heater, and all other electrical devices in our home. But in our electronic devices like our televisions, radio uses a lower voltage and has a transformer inside then to step the voltage down.

Wiring/installing of the transformer.

To wire and install an electronic transformer, we need to understand the input and output of the transformer. Check whether is a center tap or not.

center tapped electronic transformer.

Center tapped transformer means the type of electronic transformer winding in which the output is having three wire terminals. The two terminals side serves as inputs terminals. The polarity of the terminals is not considered as you can use anyone for positive or negative terminals.

So the two terminals are the input why the other side of the transformer having three terminals is the output of the transformers. The center tapped wire is the 0V terminal. The other two wires are the step-down voltage of the transformer. When voltage is applied at the primary side. The voltage across the two wires excluding the center one is the step-down voltage. When we measure the voltage across the center-tapped wire any other of the terminals gives us a lower voltage.

current Measurements in circuits using multimeter.

Circuit diagram of an electronic transformer.

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