How to fix Youtube Tv not work on Samsung tv.

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Are you finding it difficult to stream YouTube tv on your smart Samsung television? Have you been trying to solve the issue for a long now but yet not working? Welcome to this comprehensive guide that will help you troubleshoot and fix youtube tv to be streaming on the television.

Youtube tv is the most streamed tv service in the USA featuring both live and other demanding content. More than 100 interesting channels like Train to Bustan, the iron giant Fox Network News, and Entertainment can be viewed on YouTube tv. And this has made it the most streamed service in the USA.

The YouTube not streaming on your Samsung tv could be due to the following reasons, down youtube servers, low-speed routers, outdated firmware, and many others.

Common problems why YouTube tv not streaming on your television.

The first thing to check out on your Samsung tv is to know if the version of the television support YouTube tv. When the tv model is made before 2016, it has a high possibility that the version of your Samsung tv doesn’t support YouTube tv. So the best way for you to start enjoying youtube streaming service on the smart tv is to go for newer models that support YouTube tv.

When the issue is not about the model of the television supporting youtube or not. It might be poor internet connections or slow internet speed.

Set your internet provider router near the Samsung television and make sure the downloading speed is at least 25 – 50 Mbps. Check to know if the router is connected well and has a good network. If it is not, position the router where there is a strong network and try again.

After checking out the above common YouTube tv issue and the problem persists, them is time to try the following

troubleshooting and fixing YouTube not loading on smart tv.

Before you start to try these methods, make sure your Samsung tv model supports YouTube and you are having a good-speed router network with internet access.

1# checking out to know if the Samsung tv server is down.

It might be a down server if you can’t open the youtube app or log in with your account details. The down server fault is from YouTube. Visit Downdetector or Youtube official page or social media handle to confirm if it is a down server. You can as well contact youtube customer service to lay complain about your tv not streaming youtube.

if the cause of the issue is not a down server, then

2# Power cycling the Samsung tv and the router.

This is one of the quick methods to get your smart tv stream YouTube again. This method re-initializes all its components and resets all the running apps. To power cycle the Samsung tv, do the following

  • Turn ON the Samsung tv and allow it loads all it apps.
  • Unplug it from the wall socket and allow it to stay for 30 sec.
  • Them, plug it back and ON the television to start again.
  • Open the youtube app and check if is have starts working well.

The router too can still be power cycle if it not connecting to your smart tv. Follow the steps below to power cycle the router.

  • Power ON the router and all it to load finish.
  • Discount its power plug and allow it to stay for 60secs.
  • plug in the power plug back and ON the router and allow it to load.
  • Leave it to connect to successfully connect to Samsung tv.
  • Open the YouTube app on the tv and see if it gave start working properly.

3# Clearing the cache of the YouTube App.

The cache on the Samsung tv YouTube app is a temporal data store on the system. The cache makes the apps function smoothly but can an of a problem when it has a lot of data stored on them, especially when the data’s not updated. So to get rid of this issue is to get those data cleared. To clear the cache, follow the guide below.

  • Switch on the Samsung tv and allow it to completely boots.
  • select the Home Button using the Samsung remote.
  • Proceed to Support menu and choose Device Care.
  • Select Manage Storage.
  • Search for YouTube App on the list of shown apps there.
  • choose view detail of the YouTube app and then select Clear cache. Immediately the cache of the app is app will be cleared.
  • Reboot the tv and continue to enjoy streaming the Youtube app.

When the above solutions didn’t solve the issue, is time to try out the next step.

4# Delete and install the YouTube App on the smart tv.

Reinstalling the YouTube App on the smart tv is the best option to fix the issue especially when the clearing cache option doesn’t fix the issue. Again not all Samsung models have the option of clearing the cache. So reinstalling the app will be the next action.

Here are how you can get the app reinstalled on your Samsung smart tv.

  • Turn ON the Samsung tv and allow it to completely boot.
  • Go to Home Button and navigate to the youtube App Menu.
  • Select Settings.
  • Choose Delete and confirm the deletion.
  • Reboot the Samsung tv.
  • Proceed to the App search on the tv and search for YouTube App.
  • Select the App and install it.
  • After installing, Open the App and sign in.

5# Updating the firmware of the smart tv.

The reasons for this update are to clear the tv App error and make the Apps on the tv function very well again. So after trying the above fixing method and it still does not work, is time you try out updating the tv firmware. These are how we can update the firmware of Samsung tv.

  • Power ON the television and leave it to compete the booting.
  • Using the remote, press the Home Button.
  • Go to the setting>> menu and select support.
  • Click on Software Update and select update now. The newest version will start to update
  • After uupdating, press OK and Reboot the television.
  • Open the YouTube app and log in to see if is working.

6# Factory reset the Samsung tv.

In this case, we are resetting the whole tv to make it reset all the settling on it. Clearing all the downloaded Apps and resetting the passwords to defaults. After trying the whole mentioned methods to fix the YouTube streaming on the smart tv and is not still working. Then, is better to factory reset the Samsung tv and try streaming YouTube again. Is believed to work after factory resetting the system provided the Internet network is good. Here are how we can do this type of reset.

  • Using the Tv remote, press Home button pointing the remote to the television.
  • Go to Settings >>General and then click on reset.
  • Enter in the Samsung PIN, the defaultt PIN is 0000.
  • Wait for the Tv to finish resetting and then proceed to download the YouTube Apps.
  • Set up the downloaded App and log in your details to be streaming Youtube.

Note: For an old model of Samsung tv, Go to Settings>> support>> self-diagnosis and then click on reset before you then enter the TV pin and proceed.


Is believe that the following tips we share with you about how you can fix your YouTube not streaming on the television go a long way to fixing the issue. And you still learn what causes YouTube not to stream on your smart tv.

Those methods will help fix the issue and redeem your YouTube streaming service. Use the comments section to communicate to us if you encounter challenges when fixing the issue.

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