How to fix Solar panels on a clay tile roof.

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Installing solar panels on a clay tile roof comes with many challenges. Homeowners with clay tile roof spend much trying to fix the solar panels on their roofs. Installing solar panels on a clay tile roof demands more safety precautions than other types of roofs.

Clay tile roofs are very common in most parts of the country, especially in Southwest America. No doubt, it gives a house a beautiful look and can last a century. Installing solar panels on them is more technical and time-consuming than other types of house roofs. It can easily result in water licking from the roof when the installer didn’t install the panels on them properly. Proper care is taken when carrying out this particular task because even tile roofs are expensive and fragile. Removing them to install roof mounts for panels can damage the seal and make water to be penetrating inside the roof.

The homeowners trying to install solar panels on their clay tile roofs shouldn’t get discouraged. Because this particular post suggests the best practice on how you can safely install solar panels on your clay tile roof.

Different ways of installing solar on a clay tile roof.

Here, I will be discussing the different methods employed in mounting solar panels on our clay tile roofs.

Installing using the solar rank method.

when using this method, the clay tile of some of the roofs where the solar panels will be mounted is removed to get assess to install the ranks holders. After the installation of the ranks holders under the roof, then the ranks are then formed on the roofs. Follows by hanging the solar panels on the ranks.

Comp-out methods.

This method involves removing the tile roof of the sections where the solar panels will be fixed and then forming ranks to hold the panels. With this type of installation, the solar panels shed the roof against sun or water as the whole tile roofs under the panels are removed. Water steals are used to steal the edges against water or moisture from penetrating inside the roof.

clay tiles replacement mounts methods.

The tile replacement method is removing selected roof tiles and replacing them with mounts to hold the panels. These mounts are just similar to the removed tiles. The replacing tiles are incorporated with the panel hanger. One advantage of the method of installation is that they fit into the roof as the original tiles.

flashing method of installation.

it involves removing some selected clay tiles and gaining assess to the wood roof. Stands are then projected out from inside the food holding it firm on the roof wood of the house. The project stands are used to form a solar panel hang that will contain the panels.

The stand of the hangers is sealed up with tar to prevent water from licking from the roof.

The best way to install solar panels on a clay tile roof.

the best practice to install solar on a clay tile roof is explained as follows.

Mark out the point on the roof, where the special hooks are to be installed. Temporarily remove the concrete tiles in those areas and install the base plates inside the roof and fasten the special hooks to them.

Then, followed by fixing the flashing on the roof. This is advisable to install it on top of the hooks using tar. The purpose of this is to seal the roof so that water doesn’t drop inside the roof where the base plates are drilled in. Aluminum rails are put across the installed hooks and then using bolts and nuts to fasten them. On the rails are where to rank to contain the solar panels are fixed. After installing the rails, the next is to hang the panels on the rails and fasten them with bolts and nuts. Then run the connection of the panels.

sometimes the area where we need to install our baseplate for our hook may not have wood under the exact position. This seems challenging but the solution is to cut some length of wood to cross the area holding them tight with nails.

Quick tile mounts are still out there in the market that can be used for our installations, on choosing these mounts chose the ones similar to your tile roofs. When you choose similar tiles it will be easier to install and lap well to the roofs.

Things to note while installing solar panels on a concrete tile roof.

  • It’s time-consuming.

Mounting solar panels on clay tile roofs is time-consuming and more technical. When performing this task, more care should be taken and shouldn’t install in a rush to avoid damaging the tiles.

  • Have extra roof tiles to replace damaged ones.

While planning to install solar panels on your tile roof, make sure to have some extra tiles to replace the damaged ones during the installation. Some of the tiles are likely to break at the cost of installation but that is not bad, so far it shall be replaced after. So you will be replacing some roof tile at the cost of the installation.

  • quick tile mount should be made available.

Special tiles mount similar to your roof tiles should be purchased as they will be needed when forming the solar ranks. The mount can be easily purchased on shores dealing with roof tile roof or from the link here.

  • The solar connections shall be done on the roof.

All the connection are been run on top of the roof after installing the panels. So make sure to have all the necessary equipment ready for the connections. The connection is determined by the type of system you are building as it differs. After the connections, measure and channel the solar wire to where you install the charge controller.

Tips to consider while choosing solar panels for installation.


Living in a house with a clay tile roof shouldn’t be a hindrance to installing solar panels. Good installers can easily mount them safely without many challenges. One can as well mount them for themselves.

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