How to fix Samsung tv screen blackout death.

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As a Samsung tv user, you might have encountered a blackout of death on your Samsung television. A Samsung tv blackout of death is a situation where the television is on but the whole screen appears blank. As is not showing up any pictures or images. If your Samsung tv falls victim to this screen blacked-out, and you are here reading this article then you have found the first solution to the problem. Continue reading as the detailed solution to your screen blacked out is here on this post.

Samsung tv screen blackout

What is the cause of the Samsung tv screen blackout?

Many things can cause the Samsung tv screen to blackout. Ranging from bad HDMI cables to Samsung hardware problems. Some are just little clicks and the television is back functioning. Some still need to lose the television to change the faulty led strip lights before it starts working again. As we go further in the post I will detail the step by step to fix the Issue of the screen being “blacked out”.

How do I fix this issue of my Samsung blacked out death?

The first thing to do when your Samsung tv screen turns blackout is to reset the television. Remove the television from the outlet, and press and hold the power button for like 30 seconds. Then plug back into the light and power the television again.

This technique works for many but if it didn’t work out for you, don’t worry as there are still other things to try out. Your case might be from the power cable, HDMI cables, or faulty Samsung hardware.

Before considering taking the television to professionals to repair it, excite patients to try the following steps am about to explain.

Try soft resetting the Samsung TV again.

With this resets option, the television will not lose your stored data but will return all settling to default. And turn some disabled apps on the television

Reset again by removing from socket outlet and press holding the power button on the television not the remote for about 60 seconds. The excess of this is to make sure the residual charge on the television is discharged to enable the Samsung tv to rest itself

Check the Samsung connecting cables.

Not properly connected tv cables that connect from your smart hub to the television will cause the tv to have a blackout death screen.

Make sure the tv cable is socket-tight on the port on the television and your decoder.

Check the cable decoders you are making use of. You can change the channel from AV to HDMI to know if the fault Is coming from the particular plug you are using. Let’s say you have been using AV to connect to your smart hub (satellite decoder) you should remove the AV and try HDMI and see if is working. Remember to change the channel from AV to HDMI.

Updating the firmware of the Samsung tv.

Outdated firmware of the Samsung television might be the reason you experience screen black out death of your Samsung tv. When you have checked the mentioned solutions and it still not working, is time you try updating the tv firmware.

Updating the firmware of Samsung tv is easy, one can easily do it on their own without consulting a maintenance technician. Follow the link to learn how you can easily update your Samsung firmware.

Turning Off the Samsung tv sleep timer.

The sleep timer on a smart television is a new feature of the tv that helps the screen to sleep off after some time. The essence of this is to help us turn off the screen when we are watching and got sleep in the process. Due many people are not comfortable with the features as they prefer to turn the tv ON and OFF by themselves.

Here are the ways to turn of the sleep timer of your Samsung tv.

Go to the Samsung tv menu, you can use the tv buttons or the remote.

click on settings and then timer.

Select OFF the disable the sleep features on the tv and ON to enable it.

Then OFF the tv and wait for like 30 seconds and turn it ON. Allow it to boot well and the tv sleep timer will be OFF.

Checking for the backlight of the Samsung tv.

If the Samsung tv is ON but the screen is blackout dead while the green light is ON. Then is likely that the LED power strips for the backlight are faulty. In this case, the television will be giving audio sounds but won’t displace anything on the screen.

The led power strips are one of the hardware responsible for making the image on the tv to be visible. When the led wire is cut or faulty, the audio of the television will be working fine but there will be no image to display on the tv.

In this case of faulty LED strips, I advise you to take the television to technical skill personnel to help you fix them.

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