How to fix or prevent solar lights from flashing and blinking.

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Solar lights are becoming more popular and a good alternative to the regular lights that are powered by AC. It has so many advantages over other regular lights, like good illumination and emitting low heat, it also doesn’t need an AC source to power it or charge its batteries. It only uses the sunlight to charge its batteries to give good illumination.

How to fix solar light blinking fault

The most likely fault to encounter when using solar lights is the issue of blinking or flashing. So, this is why we made this post to show what causes the light blinking, and how to avoid it or fix it.

What causes solar lights to be flashing?

The solar light flashing faults are always a result of dead batteries, low-charging, faulty switches, or wrong configuration settings. As you read further you see how these faults can be eliminated and make the light function properly without blinking.

What to do when your solar lights continue flashing.

if your solar light keeps on flashing, these are some list of things to do to fix the issue.

1. check out the solar wire connector.

The plug connector is waterproof but at times water penetrates the connector causing it to have partial Contacts. The plug should always hide under the panel or where water Cannot be constantly getting it. When the cable is not well connected the solar battery will not charge well and this can cause solar light flashing.

So the first thing to check when your light keeps on flashing is the connection plugs and make sure the connections are firm. Removing the plug and connecting it back can solve this issue but if it doesn’t then is time to check out for another possible fault.

2. Check out the solar light panel.

Make sure the solar light panel is positioned at an angle that the sun always reaches it. Clear or remove anything shade that is covering the panels from receiving adequate sunlight. The panel needs at least 6 hours of sunlight every day. When the panel is not getting enough sunlight, it will be difficult for it to charge full the battery. When the battery is not fully charged, it will start flashing after some period of turning it ON.

so to get rid of this issue, find a good position to hang the light panel, where the sun always gets to them. The solar panel wire can be extended some meters away from the light.

3. The solar light setting.

The solar light settling might be the reason why your solar light keeps flashing ON and OFF. The light comes with many setting operations that determine how the light can be used. It can be set to light ON after 3 hours, or 8 hours depending on the type of light you are using and how you want it to operate.

Follow the user manual of the solar light to set the light to be always ON. This can be controlled using the light remote control.

4. OFF the solar light and allow it to charge for a full day.

Sometimes the solar light discharges too low that it can’t sustain the solar light for a long time. So to overcome this issue, the solar light is OFF and allowed to charge for 24 – 48 hours before switching ON. So that the solar light battery will charge well before use.

What causes solar light flickering and how can we fix it?

solar light flickering might be a result of a failing battery, faulty switch, or sensors. Most of the issues of light flickering are always associated with the above-mentioned issues. So here in this post, we shall see how we can troubleshoot and fix the flickering issues on the solar light.

These are the list of things that can cause solar light to flick with how to get rid of the fault.

  • Faulty solar light switch: when the switch of solar light is not properly working, this issue of flickering will always arise. If the switch is bad or sticky, change it with a new one and get your light functioning properly again.
  • Dead or weak solar light battery: As we keep on charging and discharging a battery, the cell of the battery downgrades with time. So if you have been using solar lights for a long time and you are just noticing the issue of flickering it might be that the battery is dead or weak. Replacing the bad battery with a new one is the best option if the issue is a dead/weak battery.
  • Faulty solar light sensor: when the solar light sensor is bad, you can experience flickering of light. The light sensor is designed in such a way that it lights ON when the solar panel is no longer receiving sunlight. Some work by increasing the intensity of the light when it detects moving objects around the light range. Sometimes dirt or debris blocks the sensor and prevents the sensor from switching ON the light. Clean the sensor part and try again to see if works. The sensor can also get damaged, preventing it from functioning well

Faulty solar light sensors can be fixed by replacing the sensors with good ones. To do this, you need to know more about circuits wiring, and soldering to enable you to fix the sensor the way it is supposed to be.

Contacting an expert, manufacturer, or customer service to help you fix them is another good option to try if those options don’t fix them.

Frequent Ask Questions

Q. Does Dusty solar light panel prevent the light from charging?

A. Yes, too much dust on the surface of the panels prevents the light from charging properly. It is advised to clean up the panel when you notice too much accumulation of dirt on them. You can use only water to wash out the dirt.

Q. Is the battery of the solar panel replaceable?

A. Yes, the battery can be replaced with a good one. But need knowledge of electrical DIY or look for an expert to help you fix it.


The solar light blinking or flashing faults can be very frustrating to fix sometimes, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed.

The first thing to do is to diagnose the fault using the following method we give out, checking the solar panel, battery, and connections. After troubleshooting using the following steps and the fault persists, is time to contact an expert to help you diagnose and fix it

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