how to download App on Samsung smart TV.

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Are you worried that your Samsung tv apps are limited? You have your dream apps but don’t come with your Samsung tv. Thanks to Samsung who made it possible for us to add our apps of choice on our smart TV. You don’t need to worry as you can easily download your choice app on your Samsung television. Continue reading to know exactly how to download the app of your choice on Samsung TV.

Most apps like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Apple TV+ prime Video, and many others apps are also available on the smart TV.

Before downing loading apps on a smart Samsung TV make sure the television has internet access.

To download and access apps on Samsung TV, you need to have a Samsung account. To create the Samsung account, follow the following procedure.

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navigate to Settings > General system > Manager > Samsung accounts to log in with your existing account or create a new one if you never have an account with them.

A step-by-step guide on downloading apps on Samsung Tv.

To download app on Samsung tv, Navigate to the Home button > Apps > Icon button > Install App. Or follow the steps below.

Step 1. Using the tv remote control, press the home button pointing the remote to the television.

Step 2. Select APPS.

In a situation where you don’t see apps, press the back arrow button of the remote.

Step 3. Select the icon button

Step 4. Type in the name of the app you want to download using the on-screen keyboard. Find the app and select it.

Step 5. Install the App.

Click and install the App. Now the app is installed on the television. Next is how to have access to downloads apps.

How do I find the App store on Samsung TV?

The App store of Samsung tv which is also referred to as the smart hub is a place where new apps can be installed or even have access to already installed apps.

when an app is installed on the television, the apps appear on the app store with a description “installed” under the app. Some uninstalled apps are still available and visible on the app store which can also be installed.

To locate the app store of a Samsung tv, follow the steps.

Press the home button on the Samsung remote.

select App.

when you select the app, it takes you to the smart hub which functions as the Samsung app store.

on the smart hub, select the app you want to install. But when you can’t find the app on the app store. Select the search icon to search with the name of app you want.

How do I add Apps to my old Samsung TV?

When you have an old Samsung smart tv with an Internet connection. You can easily add and download apps to it. But before trying to download the new app to it, check if it supports the app you want to install on it. As there are some restrictions on some apps on the old Samsung tv version. App like Netflix is no longer supported on some old versions of Samsung tv.

When the have the old Samsung tv that doesn’t support your choice app, you can access the apps by using a separate streaming device such as Roku or Fire TV stream to access the apps.

The procedure to download the app on the old Samsung tv Is almost the same as the newer version. But instead of the “home button” the old Samsung is having a smart hub or internet @TV button. So push the button on the remove to proceed and download your app.

How to install a third-party App on Samsung TV.

The fact that Samsung tv uses Tizen operating system, which does not allow third-party Apps. Unlike other smart television built on an Android base. That allows apps from unofficial apps from other sources.

Samsung smart TV only allows you to download or install apps from its official app play store.

Or less you are connecting to other streaming devices like Fire sticks, that already have the apps installed in them.

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