How to crimp an Ethernet cable for internet connection.

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Ethernet cables made by us are always the best and economical for us compared to pre-made ones. Just think about buying a 100ft custom ethernet cable when you will be needing like 50ft cable. It always being boring because so many yards of the cables will remain and occur most of the space in our desk/floor. And again is always cheaper to make your cables yourself because you know perfectly the length you need. So, learning and knowing how to crimp an Ethernet cable yourself reduces cost and wastage of materials.

materials needed to crimp an Ethernet cable.

  1. Crimping tools.
  2. Piler/cutter.
  3. cat5 or cat6 cables.
  4. RJ45 connector.
  5. Cable Stripper

having gotten the following materials, you are set and ready for the making of the cables.

Procedures to crimp Ethernet cables.

  • Measure the length of the ethernet cable you need.

from the bulk cable, measure and cut the length you want. Why measuring the length, always remember to add like a half yard extra so the cable doesn’t end up becoming shorter after.

You can use a measuring tape or use the wire bulk wire stretch and mark out the length you need.

  • scripts off like 1 inch from the ends of the cable coat.

mark out like 1 inch from the two ends of the cable and script off the coat. This can be done using crimping piler to remove the coat of the wire. At the backside of the crimping piler are a blade used in removing the coat. Insert the cable into the slot and press the crimping piler while rotating it to scrap out the coat.

  • Untwist the cat5 or cat 6 cables separately.

When the coat has been removed, you will notice the inner cable are twisted together, use hand and untwist the cables. The cables are colored in different colors.

  • Arrange the cable pairs into the RJ45 plug.

the cable can be connected in two different ways depending on the uses.

We have two different types of Ethernet cables,

  • Straight through.
  • Cross over ethernet cable.

so now we are to make ethernet cables we have to choose and know the one we are going for. As the two connections are different.

Arrangements of the cables into RJ45 head for straight through an ethernet cable.

As twisted cables are colored in different colors. The color is to help us make the connections and crimp them without making mistakes.

Straight through Ethernet cable connections.

the table below shows the different colors of the twisted cables and their positions on the RJ45 head.

Arrangements of the cables into RJ45 head for cross-over ethernet cable.

use the table below for the arrangement of cables into the RJ45 plug for crimping.

cross over Ethernet cable connection.

so, when making an Ethernet cable, is either is a straight-through or cross-over connected. The above tables are to help us know the connections, depending on the one we are making.

after I think ranging the wires inside the RJ45 head, the next thing is to crimp the head so it stays permanently.

Crimping the cable into RJ45 head.

The crimping tool crimps the RJ45 head to the cable permanently to avoid pulling out from the head.

Perfectly crimp ethernet cable.

after arranging the cables into the RJ 45 head carefully pass the head together with the cable fix it to the crimping tools.

with the cable and RJ 45 head inside the crimping tools, cinch down on the handle tightly. This will cause the head to lock with the ethernet cable. Now the cables are permanently locked together with the head and cannot pull out.

Testing the Ethernet cable connections.

To test the cable, you can use a cable test for the continuity of both heads or Ping from a computer. To check through a computer, you can connect straight to two computers for cross-over and use a switch for straight-through. And then ping the computer.

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Don’t forget to communicate through the comments box if you are having challenges with the crimping of the Ethernet cable.

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