how to control a light bulb using a one-way switch(SPST).

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To wire, a light switch that can control a lamp using a one-way (SPST) switch is explained in this DIY tutorial.

A one-way electrical switch which is also known as a single pole single throw switch(SPST) is used in making and breaking a light circuit. In this tutorial, we shall be differentiating between one-way switches and two-way switches. So without wasting much time let dive into the topic of the day “one-way switch to control a light bulb”.

Construction and diagram of SPST / one-way switch.

One-way switch controlling one lamp.

This switch is a two terminal switch which are connected to only the live (Hot) line of bulb switch. When toggle will cause the circuit to open or close,

The one-way switch has its terminals labels as L-in and L-out, or L1 and COM.

The difference between the SPST and SPDT are as follows;

  • SPST only has a single throw from the OFF to ON position while SPDT has double through from Position A to Position B.
  • SPST is used for connection on one-way switches while the SPDT can be used for one-way switch and 2-ways switch connections.How to wire a 2-way switch, controlling one lamp

How to wire one-way switch to control light bulb.

How the SPST switch can be used to control a light bulb are been shown below. Follow the procedures and as well try connecting your one-way switch.

Materials needed

  • 1 × One-way switch / Single Pole Single Throw (STSP) switch.
  • 1 × light bulbs.
  • 3 pieces of wire. Short size is preferable to this DIY project.

Procedures to connect the One-way switch.

One way switch connection. SPST
practical connection of a one-way switch.

To me, this is the simplest switch connection on electrical installation. It is not complex and confusing in wiring like other electrical switches.

Note that the electrical switches are connected one the live (Hot) wire of the circuit and this is to make sure the circuit is dead when is turned OFF. So never make the mistake of putting a switch on the neutral cable.

Connect a red cable from the bulb lamp holder to the L-in /L1 of the SPST switch.

Connect another red cable to the L-out /COM of the switch to a miniature circuit breaker.

Now from the lamp holder, connects a black cable from the remaining terminal of the lamp holder to the neutral point.

SPST, one Way switch controlling one lamp
one way switch connection in ON state

The connection is ok and you can now control the light bulb from the switch. Below is a practical example of one-way switch connection.

The excess of the miniature circuit breaker on the circuit is to protect the circuit from excess

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