how to connect wifi on Samsung tv. (fixing wifi issues)

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Before you start enjoying the internet feature apps on your Samsung tv, wifi connection should be set and running. When the wifi network is set and working, Samsung starts to access the Internet and can download apps from the internet. Going through this post will help you learn how to connect wifi to your Samsung tv and make you enjoy the internet on your television.

How to connect and set your wifi is well treated in this particular post. You that is searching the internet on how to connect to wifi on Samsung tv. This is your final bus stop as is explained in detail with some guides to help you out. Keep on reading to learn how you can go about your Samsung wifi connections.

NOTE: make sure to have a router with an active subscription and know your router name and password.

Things to note before connecting your Samsung to wifi.

  • Press the home button of the remote to take you to settings where you can set the wifi. Home button > general > Network > Open network settings.
  • Click on the wireless connection and proceeds to enter the router SSID and password.

Procedures to connect wifi to your Samsung tv.

Power on the smart Samsung tv on:

Plug in the tv set to the power supply and press it power button to on the television.

Another Alternative to do this is to power it on from its remote control. Point the remote to the television pressing it’s the power button on the remote to turn the TV on.

Press the home, menu, or smart hub buttons using the remote.

Immediately you press the home, menu, or smart hub button the tv will display the home menu. If your remote has a Setting button, press it instead of Home.

Continue to select General > Network

Select Network settling or. Network Setup. This menu varies with the Samsung model

Select Wireless as the network type and all the lists of networks available will come out.

Select your network. A dialog box will appear where you can input your password if your wifi network is locked with a password.

After selecting your wifi name and entering its password, click on Done. It will load for some seconds and connects to your wifi network.

Now your Samsung tv is already connected to the wifi network and can access the Internet so far there is a data subscription on your wifi.

Reset the Samsung tv if you can’t fine the name of your network and try again.

NB: Samsung models of 2018, NU7100 NU710D, NU7300, and NU730D only connect to a 2.5Ghz network. Don’t make the mistake of trying to connect them with a 5.0GHz network as they won’t be able to connect them. Or less you are using the 2019 model which supports both 2.5GHz and 5.0GHz of the network.

You can learn how to download third-party apps on the Samsung tv by clicking here

Fixing Samsung tv wifi connection issues.

In some cases, some people complain of encountering some difficulties or their Samsung tv not connecting to a wifi network. After tryinge Internet wifi. This is what you need to do in other to get it connected.

Turn OFF the television and ON again.

When you try to connect your Samsung tv to wifi and is not displaying the wife name whereas the wifi is ON.

OFF and ON the television as some tv models require rebooting before it can detect your Wifi.

Check the TV network to know if is offline or online setting.

Click on the tv Menu or Home and Select settings.

Go to General >>Network >>Network setting. Click on the network status to check if the tv is Online or offline. If the television is offline, select the Reset network button on the network setting menu and try connecting again.

Check your wifi network to know if is online and properly working.

Most of the time your tv network is not working, the fault is coming from the wifi network. That is why you need to check the network and know if it works properly. Use your smartphone or laptop and try connecting to the same wifi network. If the network doesn’t connect to your phone, try resetting the wifi network as this always solves the problem.

Move the wifi network device closer to the television.

try updating the firmware of the Samsung tv.

Download the latest firmware from an online device and use a flash hard drive to transfer the file to the tv to install. Install the latest version of the firmware and try connecting again.

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