How to choose LED bulbs for chandelier light.

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The chandelier is one of the fancy electrical illuminations on our buildings, that embellish our sitting rooms. After the perfectly electrical installation on our buildings, the next work is considering the type of led bulbs to fit inside the chandelier that will enrich the beauty of the work when operating.

Having traveled around the world and within my locality. I have come across so many chandeliers which have a perfect match with the buildings. From the room floor to the color of wall paint, which makes a huge lot of sense in beautifying the room.

From experience on the field so far, is not all about choosing a type of chandelier to install but the type of illumination it will give you in other to match your room and give then a perfect look.

when choosing led bulbs for chandeliers, we should ask ourselves these questions, is the light of the chandelier for decorative purposes? Or will it be used as the main light that will laminate the room? The answer, you got to those questions will determine the type of LED bulb to use for the chandelier.

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Why we should choose the right LED bulbs for our chandeliers.

whenever we got the right LED build fixed on the chandelier, then the glory of the chandelier will be out. It will make the room look brilliant and sparkle. Even more warm and bright. For those reasons, we need to look for perfect LED bulbs for our various chandeliers.

Things to consider when choosing LED bulbs for your chandeliers.

in considering the LED bulbs for the chandelier, we need to consider the following factors.

The pin, shape, and size of the bulbs to choose from.

Led bulb for chandelier

normally our electrical bulbs come in different shapes and sizes which determines the reflections and the brightness of the builds. The brightness is also a function of the reflecting materials of the chandelier.

in choosing our led bulbs, first and foremost we need to check the types of bulb pin it is designed to use. Size and shape types that will matches our Chandelier.

the pin size of led bulbs is not of the same type. It comes in different pins depending on the chandelier you choose. It can be of a screw type or pin type.

How do we Choose LED bulbs?

The led lights are measured in degree, with kelvin(k) as its unit. All the led bulbs have their light degree in the Kelvin tag on the body. So you need to know the amount of kelvin (k) that can be able to illuminate your room.

Led with lower temperatures emits yellow/white lights whereas the higher temperature emits a blue tone.

We always prefer soft light led, which has a yellow tone with the range of 2000k to 3000k in the bedroom, living room, and dining.

The warm white led has a range of 31000k to 45000k. They are best in bathrooms, store rooms, or even workplaces.

The range of 4600k and 6500k has a blue tone. Very bright and are always use in reading rooms or laundry rooms. They are day light and cool white.

lastly, bright white. They have a range of 6500k and above with bright blue quality. They fit in a space that requires a high intensity of light.

2700k is good for your chandelier as it gives good reflections and makes the chandelier sparkle with good lighting. Worm white and soft white also give good fittings to our chandelier.

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