Step-by-step guide on how to install solar panels.

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Solar panel installation is something we can’t overstate its benefits to us as human beings and our ecosystem. Imagine our great world of today, where pollution is highly at its peak, because of human activities on earth. Engineers have put all hands on deck in tackling this problem of pollution. The Installation of solar panels did a great job in reducing pollution caused by hydropower and thermal power plant.

The solar panel (modules) is photovoltaic cells that receive energy from the sunlight and convert them to DC voltage. Solar panels are highly economical, compare to other means of generating electricity. Not only that is more economical but also guarantees us of steady power supply.

This blog post is all about simple Guides on how to install solar panels to achieve perfect results.

Ways to choose Different types of solar panels for installation.

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels attract sunlight from the sun and convert them to electrical energy. The panels are made up of photovoltaic cells. These are cells that when exposes to sunlight, generate DC energy. So our solar panels at home generate only DC energy while our inverter does the work of changing the generated DC to AC. Is the work of the inverter to convert this DC voltage generated through the sunlight from solar panels to AC voltage. Without the inverter, it will be difficult for us to use the energy generated to power our appliances because most of them are run on AC, not DC.

during the installation, the energy from the solar panel charges a battery bank to enable the system to store energy to be used during the night. Without storing the energy generated inside the batteries, the solar system will not work during the night because there is no sunlight during the night

How to check the power and voltage rating of panels

before starting to install the solar panel, take out time to check the wattage and voltage of the panels. To be sure that what you demand is what you receive. Is always important to check these two things. Wattage and voltage of a solar panel. So at the back of the panel are a sticker tag containing that information. Go through it and confirm it before carrying out your installation. If the sticker tag is not at the back of the panel, you can make use of your digital multimeter to check the voltage of the panel. Just set your meter on DC volt and expose the panel to sunlight and measure with the meters.

How to install solar panels at home.

Installing solar panels can be difficult at times but this blog post is simplified and make it easy for a novice in the field to install them. So relax as I walk you through how you can install your panels yourself.

panels installation can be done in different ways depending on the environment you have. it can be installed on the house roof or the ground.

the DC voltage generated from the solar panel depends on the intensity of the sun getting the panels. When the panels are exposed to high-intensity sun, the panel then generates its maximum voltage.

Installation of solar panels on the house roof.

How to install a solar panel

This is commonplace for installing solar panels. It seems to be the best place to install your panel because the whole panels are upwards facing the sky on top of the roof. And is not always get a shield by trees and other things which might block the sun from reaching the panels.

These are steps to follow when installing your panels on the house roof.

  • Set up a scaphoid to your roof to make you comfortable enough why installing.
  • Set up an aluminum/metallic profile on the roof side where the panels are to be laid on and hold them tight with screw nails so that wind won’t blow them away.
  • Place the panels on the metallic profile and hold them firm with screw nuts.

Installation of solar panels on the ground.

Solar panel installation

solar panels can be installed on the ground due to many reasons, sometimes because of the type of roofing, or because the roof doesn’t have enough space to contain the whole panels. One of those reasons can make an installer to consider another option like installing them on the ground.

There are so many factors to consider when installing panels on the ground which are;

(1). The compound or field must be large to accommodate the panels.

(2). It must be free from Shields, meaning the compound should be open for easy penetration of the sun.

Here are how to install solar panels on the ground.

There are many ways we can install our solar panels on the ground. You can install them to lay flat on the floor or blend them at a 45-degree angle to the floor.

Before the panels Installation gets a welding and fabrication company to construct a metallic framework to rest the solar panels on. After that place, the solar panels on the frame and hold them tight with bolt and nuts.

How to install a solar system at home or offices.

How to run wiring connection of solar panels.

Running the wiring connections of the panels are the same, not minding the place where they are installed. In running the wire connections, there are so many things you need to know to help you do the connections correctly which are;

  • The volt of an inverter you are running. Weather is 12V, 24V, or 48V inverter.
  • The volt of battery you are building up in your power banks. It is 12V, 24V, or 48V.

If you are running a 12V inverter and 12V battery connections, make sure you connect all your panels in 12V. You can do this by connecting all the 12V panels you have in parallel. i.e joining all the negative together and all the positive together. Taping from the two terminals to the charge controller.

When running a 24V inverter and battery, makes sure to connect your panels to a 24V. If the panels you have are 12V panels, connect two in series making it to be 24V. i.e connecting the negative terminal of one panel to the positive terminal of the second panel. And connect the remaining two wires negative and positive to change the controller.

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