How to calculate Electricity bill. easy and simple guide.

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Calculating the electrical energy we consume on daily basis in running our appliances is an important thing we all have to know. Electricity bill calculation not only helps the power company in checking our energy consumption. However also helps us to monitor the energy we consume on daily basis. And also makes us conscious of the energy we consume to save energy and money.

There are so many ways of calculating electricity bills which are, estimated calculated bill and watts-hour meter reading bills.

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How to calculate electricity consumption bill without a watts-hour meter.

Electricity bill calculation can still be done even when we are not using a watts-hour matter with some little arithmetics. The following procedures should be followed when calculating electricity consumption bills.

  • Pen down the watts of all your appliance on a piece of paper. All our electrical appliances have their wattage written on them. Turn them and copy their Wattage including the lighting bulbs. For instance, am having a 25watts television, five 10watts of light bulbs, and a 50watts ceiling fan. Write them down like that.
  • Depending on the area or the country you are in, the cause per unit charge of electricity varies. So is your work to find out the actual price per unit. You can find it from your bills you use in making electricity payments. Let’s say the cause per unit charge in my country is 25$.
  • Check the hours or days you were running the appliances. For example, let say my whole appliances were in use for like 30 days. i.e my television, ceiling fan, and light bulbs were ON for 30 days.
  • Add up toe whole wattage of the appliances and the hours they are being run on electricity. Eg. Five 10watts bulbs = 50watts plus 25watts television, and 50watts ceiling fan. The Sum of them all is 125watts. Total watts =125watts.


1unit charge =kwh ( kilo-watts per hour)

kilo means 1000.

units = 125watts × 24hours ×30days.

= 90000watts/hour.

So let convert it into unit were 1 unit = 1kwh.

90000/1000 = 90 units which is the total unit consume.

And the cause per unit is equal to 25$. So we multiply the unit price by the total unit consumed to give us our amount of energy consumed.

90 unit × 25$ which is price per unit charge in my country. = 2250$.

So 2250$ is the price of energy consumed for the period.

how to calculate the electricity bill consumption using watts- hour meter.

This is an easy and more accurate method to calculate the amount of energy we consume. It makes use of a meter that reads once we connect our load to electricity. The more load we connected, the higher the speed at which the meter reads.

For us to calculate the energy consumption using the watts-hour meter, we need to have our previous readings and current readings. The previous readings are the readings our meter has form when we want to start to calculate. While the current reading is the exact reading at a particular time when calculating.

When calculating, write down the previous readings and the current readings. Subtract the previous readings from the current readings. Multiple what you got to the unit price. And the answer you got is the amount of energy u have consumed.

For more illustration.

Electricity bill calculation using watts-hour meter.

This is my watts-hour meter of current readings 09133.0 and previous readings of 09000.0. And the unit price of electricity 25$.

Solution on calculating my readings.

Previous readings – current readings.

09133.0 – 09000.0 = 133.0 which are the units consumed. So multiplying it with a unit price of charge 25$ to gives you the bill of energy consumed.

133.0 × 25$ = 3325$. Is the bill.

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