How to connect our solar batteries. series/parallel connections

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How to connect our solar batteries have being the question asked every day as many people got confused about how to go about it. For us to maintain a steady power supply in our house or the running of our machines or circuits. We need enough battery power bank to carry out the task. Having multiple batteries can decrease the rate at which our solar batteries discharge and also can increase the battery voltage. But it all depends on how the solar battery connections were made, whether series, parallel or series-parallel connection. There are so many ways we can connect our solar batteries depending on what we want from the battery. It can be the amperage of the batteries we want to increase for longer-lasting or the increase in voltage to meet the needed voltage.

sometimes we can have a new inverter higher than the one we have been using. The question we always ask ourselves is if the connection of the battery should be in series or parallel. If you have to be in situations where you get confused about how to go about the battery Connection, just have in mind that this post was specially made for you.

Series connection of solar batteries.

connecting batteries in series is a way of increasing battery voltage. Let say for instance, when two 12V batteries are connected in the series, the total output of the battery increases to 24V automatically.

Some big inverters come in 24V or 48V. This type of inverter for it to run correctly, it is 24V. It needs a minimum of two 12V batteries connected in series making it 24V. And if is a 48V inverter it will need a minimum of four 12V batteries connected in series, Making it 48V, before the inverter can start to work.

While connecting batteries in series, make sure the whole batteries are of the same volt. You can test the battery to check its voltage before connecting.

Battery measurements using multimeter.

How to connect batteries in series.

To run your battery connections in series, the following steps should be taking notes of.

How to connect solar batteries in series.
batteries connection in series

Step 1

Get the batteries to be connected in series and their jumper wires that will be used for the connection. you can arrange the batteries in a battery.

Steps 2

Use the connector wire to connect from the positive terminal on one battery to the negative terminal of the next battery. keep on connecting from positive to negative terminal until it reaches your desire voltage. Each time we Connect like two batteries in series, the total voltage then becomes the sum of the two batteries voltage. i.e 12v +12v =24v. But the amperage remains the same.

Step 3

Collect the positive and negative from the first battery and the last battery. Measure the voltage Check for the voltage. Battery measurements using a multimeter.

Parallel connection of battery.

The parallel connection of battery is the method used to increase the amperage of a battery, leaving the voltage the same. Let’s say for instance. If one 12v,120AH can run my inverter for a day. And I want it to last up to two days. Then what I need to do is to connect another 12V, 120AH in parallel to it. i.e 12V 120Ah + 12V 120Ah in parallel will be equal to 12V 240AH. If we keep on adding more battery in parallel to it, the amperage will keep on adding together why the voltage remains the same as 12V.

How to connect batteries in parallel.

How to connect solar batteries in parallel
Batteries connections in parallel.

In Connecting batteries in parallel, all you need to do is to get a battery wire connector and start to join the whole positive of the batteries to be connected in parallel together and the negative terminals together. After connecting it you check if the voltage is still the same.

Battery measurements using a multimeter.

Series parallel connection of batteries.

This means connecting some of the batteries in series and adding them up in parallel with other batteries.

The reason, why we do this type of connection, is that sometimes our appliances will be running on a high voltage and at the same time we still want to increase the Capacity for longer-lasting. For instance. 24V inverter needs two 12V battery Connected in series before the inverter can start to work, and the when inverter starts to run on two batteries, we can still connect two more series Connected batteries in parallel to increase the Capacity or amperage.

NOTE. When connecting batteries in parallel, make use of the batteries of the same voltage.

How to connect solar batteries in series/parallel connection.

let’s say we have like eight 12V, 120Ah batteries to be used to power a 24V inverter. So connecting those batteries we need to connect some in series and others in parallel.

Steps to do it are as follows.

Step 1

We need to build 24V first. Connecting two batteries in series making it 24V.

Step 2

Used the already built 24V to connect in parallel with other battery. Such that after the connection, 2 by 4 batteries Connected in series will be connected in parallel. i.e joining the positive together and negative together.

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