C6093 Transistor Pinout, Equivalent, Features Application and Datasheet.

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C6093 transistor is a high-voltage NPN transistor available in the TO- 220F package. In this article, the detail concerning the pinout, equivalent features, and the application of this transistor is discussed.

C6093 transistor pinout

Features and Technical Specifications of C6093 Transistor.

Package TypeTO-220F
Transistor TypeNPN
Max Collector Current5A
Max Base current2A
Max Collector Base Voltage (Vcb)1500V
Max Collector Emitter Voltage (Vce)800V
Max Emitter Base Voltage (Vbe)5V
Max Power dissipation(Ptot)25watts
DC Current Gain(hFE)5.3 – 10
Storage and operating temperature range.-55 to +150 centigrade
specification of the C6093 transistor.

Replacement and Equivalent of C6093 Transistor.

2S6118, 2SC6118lS, TT2140LS, TT2170LS, TT2170

Description of C6093 Transistor.

C6093 is the same as 2SC6093. It is a high-voltage NPN transistor design with some features to use in high-voltage color displays such as televisions and monitors. This transistor is used in the horizontal deflection circuit to control the movement of the electron beam before a color image shows up on the screen. In the construction of this circuit, a high voltage is required to keep the circuit working properly. So C6093 is applicable here, as it has a high-voltage feature and can handle the high voltage of the circuit.

Because of the above application, the manufacturer adds e features to it. These features are as follows;

  • Inbuilt damper diode: A diode incorporated inside the C6093 component is a damper diode, which serves as protection against voltage spikes in the circuit.
  • 100% Avalanche tested: The transistor is 100% tested for its ability to withstand high voltage without damage.
  • Minimum Lot-to-Lot Variations: This feature makes the difference in performance, between two of the same components slightly different. The manufacturer of this transistor has made them in such a way that their lot-to-lot variation is very minimal irrespective of where the Component is picked from. C6093 provides the same performance because of these features.
  • Low saturation Voltage: because of this feature, it is efficient in switching in a circuit without demanding losing much power out of dissipation.

where to use C6093 Transistor & how to use it.

C6093 transistor is designed to be used in high voltage color display of television or monitors because of its high power characteristics. Aside from that, there are still other varieties of applications of this transistor like in motor control, power amplifier, and many more.

Applications of C6093 Transistor.

  • High Voltage color display of television.
  • Motor control circuit.
  • Power aamplifier
  • Electronic switching circuit.
  • Inverter circuits.
  • Electronic ballasts.

safe operation of C6093 Transistor.

To safely run the C6093 transistor, always operate the transistor 20% below Its absolute maximum ratings. So the maximum collector-emitter voltage is 800V, so don’t drive a load above 640V. The maximum collector current is 5A, the load should not be above 4A.

store and operate the transistor at a temperature range of -55 °C to +150°C.


Copy and paste the link below to your browser to download the C6093 datasheet.

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