BC548 Transistor Pinout, Equivalent, uses Features, and other info.

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The BC548 transistor is a popular NPN transistor. The pinout, Equivalent, and uses of the transistor are well discussed in this article. Other transistors can be used in place of BC548 which is still disclosed in this article.

BC548 transistor pinout

Features and Technical Specification Of BC548 transistor.

Package Type.TO-92
Transistor Type.NPN
Max. Collector Current (Ic)500mA
Max. Collector -Emitter Voltage.(Vce)30V
Max. Collector – Base Voltage (Vcb)30V
Max. Emitter – Base Voltage (VEBO)5V
Max. Collector Dissipation (Pc)625 miliWatt
Max. Transition Frequency (fT)150 MHz
Mini. & Max. DC current Gain(hFE)110 – 800
Max. Storage and operating temperature range.-55 to 150 Centigrade

PNP Complementary

The PNP complementary of BC548 is BC558

BC548 replacement and Equivalent Transistors.

BC547, BC549, 2N2222, 2N3904, BC550

The following transistors can be used to replace BC548 or serve as an alternative to the transistor. When using the above-mentioned transistor as a replacement for BC548, study their pin configuration as some of them differ in pin configuration.

Description and Explanation of BC548 Transistor.

This is a general-purpose NPN transistor widely used in electronics. BC548 transistor comes with many good features which make them more demanding. When using this type of transistor on an electronic circuit, it can be used to handle a maximum current of 500mA which is quite enough to drive other components like ICs, relays LEDs, parts of a circuit, etc. The maximum dissipation of this transistor is 625mW which makes it good to be used as a small amplifier

BC548 transistors come in four different parts numbers. It can be BC548, BC548A, BC548B and BC548C. The major difference that exists between the four different parts of the BC548 transistor is that they vary in their current gain.

  • BC458 has a current gain range value of 110 to 800.
  • BC458A has a current gain range value of 110 to 220.
  • BC458B has a current gain from 200 to 450.
  • BC458C is from 420 to 800 current gain.

How to use BC548 transistors & where to use them.

Just like every other general-purpose transistor, BC548 can be used in audio amplification and pre-amplification. It has good current gain and collector dissipation characteristics which make it good to be used in amplification.

Application of BC548 Transistor.

  • Switching load below 500mA.
  • sensor triggering circuit.
  • Audio amplifiers.
  • Audio preamplifiers.
  • Darlington pairs.

How to safely run BC458 transistor in a circuit.

For the high performance and durability of this component, follow the specification guidelines when using it. Don’t overload the transistor or use it to drive a load of more than 500mA. Don’t drive the transistor above 30V. For safer and longer operation of this transistor, don’t load the transistor with its maximum ratings. 20% below its maximum rating will be good when using a transistor to avoid burning or malfunctioning. The transistor should be store or operate within the temperature

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