A1015 transistor Pinout, Equivalents, Uses, and other detail features.

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A1015 is a PNP general-purpose audio amplifier transistor. The pinout configuration, equivalent transistor uses, and features of this transistor are discussed below.

A1015 transistor pinout

Features and technical specifications of A1015 transistor.

Package TypeTO-92
Transistor TypePNP
Max. Collector Current (Ic)-150mA
Max. Collector – Emitter Voltage (Vc)-50V
Max. Collector –Base Voltage (VcB)-50V
Max. Emitter-Base Volatge (VEBO)-5V
Max. Collector Dissipation (Pc)400 miliWatt
Max. Transition Frequency (fT)80 MHz
Mini. & Max. DC Current Gain (hFE)70 – 400

 NPN Complementary.

NPN complimentary of A1015 is C1815.

Replacement & Equivalent Transistor for A1015.

2N2907, 2N3906, A733, 2SA1266. The following transistor is equivalent and can be replace with A1015 in a circuit. But while using then, check out for their pinout configuration as some of them are not the same in their pin configuration.

Description & Explanation of A1015.

A1015 is a PNP transistor design mainly for audio amplification or audio amplifier stage. It still serves as a switching means and other purposes but mostly it is used for audio amplifiers. It can only operate on a circuit under 50V because it has a maximum collector-emitter Voltage of 50V. The transistor has a maximum dissipation of 400mW and a maximum DC gain of 400 which make the transistor best fit for small audio amplification. Again when used as a switch, it can handle a current of 150mA and below.

How to use A1015 transistor and where to used them.

A1015 transistor are specially made for audio amplification purpose. So the transistor is use as a small audio amplifier in almost all the output of audio device like door bells, MP3 players to drive a speaker. The transistor can also be use as a states of audio amplifier circuit and as a switch in electronic. It serve as a switch to drive relays , LEDs, ICs and other components in electronic circuit.

Application of A1015 Transistor.

  • Audio preamplifier circuits.
  • Audio amplifier circuits.
  • Audio amplification stages.
  • Switching of electronic loads.

How to safely long run A1015 in a circuit.

To operate the A1015 transistor for longer time without burning down or malfunctioning, always operate the transistor within it specific range. Operating it 20% below it peak rating is good idea for it to last for longer period. Always use a suitable base resistor to limit the extra current rushing in through the base of the transistor. Make sure to maintain the temperature of the transistor when in use or storage to be within the range of -65 to +150 Celsius.

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