2SD965 Transistor pinout, Equivalent, uses features, and datasheet.

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2SD965 transistor is an NPN high-current transistor. This article provides detailed information concerning the 2SD965 transistor, like the pinout configuration, uses, features, and Its replacements.

2SD965 transistor pinout

Features and Technical specification of 2SD965 Transistor

Packages Type.TO-92
Transistor Type.NPN
Max. Collector Current.(Ic)5A
Max. Collector-Emitter Voltage (Vc)20V
Max. Collector -Base Voltage (Vcb)40V
max. Emitter -Base Voltage (VEBO)7V
Max. Collector Dissipation (Pc)750 MiliWatt
Max. Transition Frequency(fT)100 MHz
mini. & Max. DC Current Gain(hFE)230-600
Max. Storage and operating Temperature Range.-55 to +150 Centigrade.

2SD965 Transistor Replacement Or Equivalent.

The transistor can be replaced with the following NPN transistors on a circuit.

2SD966, ECG11, ZTX869, ZTX851, ZTX851STZ, ZTX849STZ, ZTX849 and KSD5041RTA.

Description and Explanations of 2SD965.

2SD965 is an NPN bipolar junction transistor in the TO-92 package and other packages. The transistor has many features which differentiate it from other general-purpose TO-92 transistors. It is designed as a low-voltage and high-current transistor having a collector current of up to 5A which makes them good for driving a wide variety of loads. The transistor has a current gain of 230 – 600 and a collector dissipation of 750mW which makes it a good choice for amplification-related applications like designing amplifier and preamplifier circuits. The transition frequency of the transistor is about 100MHz which still makes it good for application in RF circuits that work below 100MHz frequency.

How to use the 2SD965 & where to use them.

The transistor just like the general-purpose transistor can be used in switching and amplification applications. When used as a switch, it can drive loads of up to 5A making it good for driving many high-current loads in an electronic circuit such as relays, power LEDs, and higher power transistors, etc. When used as an amplifier, it can be used to amplify many types of small signals in electronics. It can still be used as an audio preamplifier and amplifier.

Application of 2SD965 Transistor.

  • Switching circuit to drive load up to 5A.
  • Audio preamplifier
  • Audio Amplifier
  • Used in triggering senior and detector circuits.
  • Radio Frequency applications.

How can we safely run a 2SD965 Transistor in a circuit for optimum performance?

For high performance and longer life of this transistor, the following precautions should be adhered to while using the transistor.

  • Do not operate the component to its maximum ratings as most time the component might not withstand its heat for a long time. It is suggested you run them 20% below their maximum ratings. Because of that, the Max. collector current of the 2SD965 transistor is 5A, when in use, don’t drive load up to 5A. Instead, you can drive a maximum load of 4A using this transistor. The same goes with the Emitter Voltage which is 20V, therefore maintaining a maximum voltage of 16V will make you be on the safer side.
  • Always maintain the storage and operational temperature of this component. Whether in use or not, the temperature should not be outside the range of -55 to +150 Centigrade.


For the datasheet of this transistor, copy and paste the link below to your browser to download the 2SD965 datasheet.


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