D882 Transistor pinout, Equivalent, features, use with other info.

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In this article, we discussed everything you need to know about 2SD882 transistors, pinout, and its replacement in circuits. When to use them and its safe operational guidelines. Read up for the full information.

2SD883 transistor pinout

Features and technical specifications of 2SD882 transistors.

Package TypeTO-126
Transistor typeNPN
Max Collector Current (Ic)3A
Max Collector -Base Voltage (Vcb)40V
Max Collector-Emitter Voltage (Vce)30V
Max Collector Dissipation(Pc)10 watts
Max Emitter Base Voltage(Vebo)5V
Max Transition Frequency(fT)90MHz
Min & Max DC Current Gain (hfe)60-400
Storage and Operating Temperature-55 to +150 centigrade

PNP Complementary.

The PNP complementary of 2SD882 is 2SB772

Replacement and Equivalent.

MJE802, 2SC4342, MJE182, BD349, BD185, BD189, BD187, BD131, TIP122L, 2SD1693, 2SD1018, 2SD1712.

Note: some of the pin configurations of these replacement transistors may not be exactly with the D882 pinout. So check their pin configuration before substituting with 2SD882 in a circuit.

Description of 2SD882 Transistor.

2SD882 transistor is a general-purpose transistor with many interesting features that make it preferable to some other general purpose. The transistor can be used for hobbyist, commercial, and educational electronic projects because of its features. It can also be used in switching a variety of circuits and for amplification purposes.

With its maximum collector current of 3A, the transistors can be used to power on and drive DC motors, relays, LEDs, and other electronic circuits. It has a minimum saturation Voltage of 0.3V. The transistor can still be used as an amplifier or used in the output state of an amplifier because of its high output Watts of 10 watts.

Where to use 2SD882 transistor and how to use it.

The transistor is applicable in so many places like in the building of power supply voltage, battery chargers circuits, voltage regulator circuits driving of DC motor and switching of loads under 3A ratings. Even in the amplification of audio signals many more.

Application of 2SD882 transistors.

Safety operations of 2SD882 transistor.

For good operation and better operation of this transistor, avoid using it to drive load above 3A. Use a proper heatsink with this transistor and avoid exceeding 200mA from Max load ratings in other to be on the safe side. Don’t operate with a voltage above 30V and operate in temperatures within -55 – +150 centigrade.

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