1N4007 Diode pinout, equivalent, and specification.

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1N4007 diode is an electronic diode under the family of 1N400× series. It is a very popular diode due to the variety of functions it performs, low cost, and compatible size of it. 1N400× family series diode has a range of diodes, from 1N4001 – 1N4007. They have similar functions and pinouts in a circuit with similar pin configurations but differ in power ratings.

This type of diode is used for the rectification of AC signals. That is to convert an AC signal to a DC signal. It can also be used for other general purposes like inverting signals. In this post, we will go into detail to discuss its power specifications and its data sheets.

Continue reading, as I will explain in detail the pinout, specification, and its equivalent diode to use in place of 1N4007.

1N4007 diode pinout and circuit symbol.

1N4007 pinout and circuit symbol.
1N4007 diode pinout and symbols.

What is the 1N400X family series diode?

1N400X series diodes were first introduced by Motorola semiconductor products divisions on the year 1963.

The 1N400X series diodes belong to 1-ampere silicon rectifying diode which has different diodes from 1N4001 – 1N4007. With different reverse voltages in each range. Their blocking voltage is from 50V for the 1N4001 and 1000V for 1N4007. They are mostly used for AC adapters our electronic devices.

The table below shows the 1N400X series with their blocking reversed voltage.

S/n1N400X seriesReverse voltage.
table of 1N400X series with their reverse voltage.

What does 1N4007 signify

    In the naming of this diode 1N400X. The 1NXXXX is the American Standard numbering system for semiconductor components. Here are what the full number in the name means.

    • The 1 signify that it has only one junctions.
    • The N signify that this components is a semiconductor diode.
    • 400X is the number to different the diodes. They are of the same series but not the same.

    Important Features and technical specifications of 1N4007 diode.

    1N4007 diode comes in two different package DO-45 and SMD packages. This make it easy to use in circuit depending on the type of circuit you are building.

    It is a silicon rectifer diode and can still be used for general purposes.

    It has a maximum power of 3w and an average forward current of 1000mA with other numerous features which are explained in the table below.

    1N4007 feature and other technical specifications are explained in the table below

    1Package TypeAvailable in DO-45 and SMD packages.
    2Diode Type.Silicon rectifer general usage diode.
    3maximum power dissipation.3 watts.
    4Average forward current.1000mA.
    5maximum repetitive reverse voltage.1000 volts
    6Non-repetitive maximum forward current.30A
    7maximum storage & operating temperature. -55 to +175°C
    Feature with speculation of 1N4007 diode.

    1N4007 replacement and equivalent.

    There are some sets of diodes that we can use in place of the 1N4007 diode. But where to focus more should be on the level of power we are working with. Not all diodes can be able to withstand a certain voltage you might be working with. You can make use of the 1N4001 – 1N4007 diode in place of another one only when the voltage range you are working with falls between their voltage range.

    When the voltage range you are working with is greater than 800V but below 1000V, use HER158, HER208, FR207, and FR107 diodes as they can serve as equivalents for 1N4007. But in case you are working with a voltage range above 1000V then you should go for EM513, EM520, or 1N5399 diode as a replacement.

    Another equivalent diode of 1N4007 are;

    • 1N4007-T
    • 1N5408
    • STTH110
    • BA159

    Application of 1N4007 diodes.

    The major use of this diode is for rectification i.e converting electrical signals from AC to DC. That is while it is being found on our electronic power adapters. Serving as a gateway between the AC voltage and DC volts. They can be connected in different ways to achieve this rectification.

    1N4007 has the advantage of handling a high voltage that is equal to or less than 1000V.

    Here are the major applications of this diode 1N4007.

    • General purpose rectification.
    • Digital logic circuit.
    • Blocking voltage spike
    • Voltage blocking.

    The following are where we can find or apply the 1N4007 diodes

    • Voltage doubler
    • Battery charger
    • Power Adapter
    • components protection
    • Embedded systems for switching.

    1N4007 diode Datasheet

    The datasheet will give you other details about this diode that might not be on this post like the dimensions and others. Click here to download and see the datasheet of the 1N4007 diode.

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